You and I both know that everything has a time. Everything is so limited. Yet, when we lose someone it’s always a surprise ! It is so sudden ! You get so numb ! You can’t realise or understand what just happened ! Haven’t we all felt that at a particular time in our lives ? But a lot of us don’t talk about it. And a lot of us do. A lot of us chose to grieve in silence. Grieving is a price you pay for love. Where there’s great grieve, there’s great love. Nothing haunts us more than the things we don’t say. 

I don’t think the loss of someone is the hardest part. The hardest part is compensating for them every single day ! Continuously filling the void someone left you with ! You’d be whole again, but never the same. Nor would you want to. The worst moment is when you feel pain just by remembering the good old days !

It’s a feeling where you don’t understand whether you’re dying beneath the waves or you are dying with thirst !

So me and 9 other mega bloggers have come up with this amazing idea of a collaboration where we talk about a particular loss in our lives and how we coped up with it. It will be a series of posts. I will provide you the link of all the bloggers who are contributing to this collaboration. 

You can click and read more about our chain of posts, that we intend to publish on the 19th of April, 2017.

Let me introduce you to our bloggers, who are not just immensely talented but also super amazing, beautiful and compassionate human beings. And here they are-

1. Jane love

2.Ipuna Black

3.Barb Caffrey

4.Jothish Joseph

5.Sadaf Siddiqui

6.Addison D’Marko

7.Ajibola Sunday

8.Altea Addison

9.Nicolle K

10.Tajwar Fatma ( Well, That’s me)

In the hope that our little attempt will inspire a lot of you to get over a particular loss, because only you hold the key to a beautiful future that awaits !  In the hope that you believe us, that we are all in this together ! In the hope that you find solace in our words and move on just like we did !  In the hope that you shall find your way, just like we did !

With loads and loads of Good Luck and Love,

Tajwar Fatma.


  1. Hi this is a great idea. Many people suffer in silence and are unsure what to do. it can be the most fearful, insecure and lonely place in the world when someone close is no longer there. it can be very reassuring to know that people out there understand what you are going through. Blessings Richard

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    • Im so happy Dear Richard that you liked our concept. We have worked really hard on this. And we are getting it published today. Please stop by and read out stories. I would really appreciate it. Thanks !


    • Thank you so much for the words of appreciation. We are getting it published today. I will be more than happy if you stop by and give our chain of posts a read. Really looking forward to it. Thanks !

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  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ Y’all are so very amazing!! Never in my life have I worked with people as fun, diverse (in personality) and wise as you guys. I’m totally exactly about this!!

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  3. Very true, grieving is indeed a price paid for love. I really can’t thank you enough Taj for bringing us all together and this is indeed a milestone in my life as a blogger. I’m really looking forward to a grand curtain raise.

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