Lines that inspire #2

Work atleast 10,000 hours in an area before you can become super successful at it. – Malcolm Gladwell.

This was quoted by Barb Caffrey in a recent conversation we had, from a book by Malcolm Gladwell’s OUTLIERS. And it was very comforting. I have never been so motivated by any quote as this ! It gave me a sense of security and peace, that my efforts and my time weren’t pointless and weren’t going in vain. 

My generation is so impatient and quick tempered. We want things right here, right now. To be an expert at anything you need to have- 

1.Hardwork, because practice makes a man perfect. The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in the battle !

2.Experience. And this experience doesn’t come in a day or week. It takes months, years and sometimes, maybe a decade or even more. But the results are extremely satisfying. You’ll be unparalleled ! 

So go ahead, give life’s 10,000 hours to your dreams and become SUPER SUCCESSFUL eventually.

With all my Love and Luck.

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks !!

​After every challenge that Life had to offer, there was only one person who was consistently helping me push my limits. That person was my inner voice. And that person didn’t let me surrender no matter what the circumstances were. And that person was ME ! After every fall, I came back swinging ! 

So this Valentine’s Day I dedicate all my love to MYSELF, for always being there with me and for me ♡ 

Go ahead, pamper yourself first before you spread the love to someone else ♡

Love and acceptance 

​I was reading a post on instagram by Dale Partridge on how love and acceptance differ, and that is exactly why I am writing this.

I have, for long, been a slave of what people think of me and if they would accept me for something that pleased them. To be loved and to be accepted are entirely different. I always wanted to be someone, ‘everyone’ accepted and at the same time loved. There was a time when I tried to change everything about myself including my looks, my thoughts, my ambitions, my opinions, so on and so forth !

Boy! Oh,boy! I was so delighted with the fact that they loved me and accepted this new (read fake) me. But deep inside I was so hollow. I couldn’t breathe. Forsaken. Everything I said or did was in some way someone else’s voice, and not mine. My intentions were puppets of someone else’s mind. I was sharing my body with a mind I didn’t relate to. The worst realisation came when I was all by myself and I couldn’t even recognise the person I had turned into.

I had two minds. One which wanted to live free. And one, which was only living. There was so much hassle and disaccord within me for knowing the reality behind this unauthenticity. I didn’t want to be a slave anymore. But that is how this works. Doesn’t it ? 

Took me a while to understand how people strike the very basic of human intellects, their thoughts. Take control of our minds by laying a trap, and weaving venomous intentions into fairytales. We all fall for it, try to change ourselves to fit into this deceptive and complex chain of pleasing everyone.

You can not be loved and accepted at the same time by everyone. Enjoy the voice of your mind. Do what you like to do. Most importantly, do what you think is right. Be your best friend and your worst critic. People are going to judge you anyway, because that’s what they do best ! If you follow them, you’ll end up becoming a slave. Better die as a rebel, than die as a slave.

You were  never a part of the crowd. And you’ll never be. Doesn’t matter as long as you Love and Accept yourself just the way you are. Imperfections  are beautiful. Aren’t they? 

Reading Marathon- THE PROPHET- Part I. Joy and Sorrow.

Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Joy is sorrow unmasked. Until you feel sorrow, how will you cherish Joy? We need to acknowledge the fact that Joy and sorrow come together, while one is on board, the other one sleeps.

Sorrow can be a bully, but don’t let it pierce your heart and disgruntle your soul. Our sufferings, our sorrows, just like Life, are riddles. They do strange things and teach us lessons that joys can’t. Life gives us joys and sorrows in bits, flashes and waves so that we are not too full of ourselves and neither are we too empty. The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Without sorrow, joy would be worthless. Sorrow will scar your soul. Break your spirit. But joy, on the other hand, heals you. Sorrow is finite, but Joy is endless. Sorrow looks back, but Joy looks forward. Sorrow will give you despair and uncertainty, but Joy will give you hope and meaning. Write your sorrows on sand and your joys on stones.

Sorrow is like autumn and Joy is like the leaves on a thin branch of a tree. Autumn will sweep everything from those branches, only for new leaves to outbloom. Without Sorrow, Joy will be insignificant. So let’s  stop looking for happiness, and start looking for a meaning !

Lastly and most importantly, Sorrows and joys are like gifts. How we percieve them depends much on how we recieve them !

Respect people’s space and do not invade their privacy.

Crisis. An inevitable part of everyone’s life, but when someone is dealing with it, we take the sole responsibility of making things even worse for them. Trying to know everything about someone is foolish and unrealistic. You have got to give people the space that you would want for yourself. And it doesn’t end there. You continue to give your expertise on how all of it should have happened instead of what actually happened. And you still don’t stop, you go to the extent of using words that could be mere phrases or figure of speech for you, but for them it can be devastatingly impactful.

Firstly, understand the kind of relationship you share with the person. If you cannot say something nice, please shut up. Sounds rude, but imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. Hurts ? 

Originally posted by Momina Muhteshan on Instagram.

If it doesn’t involve you, it shouldn’t concern you. And I tell this from a personal experience !

Secondly, if someone tells you about their feelings, their struggle with depression or anxiety and their thought processes, do not belittle them by brushing off the topic. Just because KARMA hasn’t hit you hard now, doesn’t mean it won’t !

Finally and most importantly, stop making assumptions. Be brave enough to ask to avoid the drama, confusion and pain that you cause to people. Only a fool opens his mouth and speculates without knowing the entire story.

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