World health day.

Today, on world health day, I have written something that is very close to my heart.
Mental illness goes unnoticed because we have associated it with craziness and madness. Any mood deviations should be brought under check, in time. People are taking their lives, because no matter how worthy they are, depression and anxiety makes them feel like a piece of trash.
The worst part about depression is, you can and can not feel emotions at the same time. And when that happens, a person is the most vulnerable! He/she refuses to talk, they get inside this huge cocoon of thoughts that totally cuts them from the world, until finally no one can rescue them.
I just hope people talk about mental illness more frequently, just like they talk about other diseases.


  1. Great idea Taj. So next time be prepared to fill up the questionnaire on this topic. :p Take good care dr.


  2. You are absolutely right, Tajwar. 🙂 We need to talk about mental health more, get rid of the supposed “stigma” around it, and have people realize that mental health is just as important as physical health.


  3. I agree Tajwan that we can often isolate ourselves when overcome with depression and anxiety. I’ve dealt with both personally and still continue to struggle with it. Waking up each day and doing one thing at a time, is often a big win. I think that so many people underestimate how challenging dealing with depression can be.

    The important thing is to seek out help if and when you can and to not do it alone. I think the worst feeling is to feel like we’re alone. It’s not easy seeing the red flags or warning signs. Being aware of the illness is a very important step. There shouldn’t be any shame in discussing mental health or asking for help and talking about it. Thanks for sharing! ❤


  4. I too hope that people start taking mental health seriously. Like you said, disease in our times is termed as maddness and not fitting the society which is perhaps the prime reason why they aren’t treated in time. Our nation is the best example for that, where disease is rather a sin! Hopefully we’ll see a day when this ideology changes.


  5. I like how you tackled Mental Health in your post. So brief, but so powerful. Yes, depression is getting into people nowadays, especially the youth. I am glad that in my country, awareness on the topic is hyping. They don’t see it anymore as “craziness” or “madness”, but as a real health issue that must be looked into.


  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this, Tajwar. Hope the World opens its eyes, depression and other mental health problems are a real illnesses, as much as anything that hits you physically.


  7. Great post, Tajwar! I agree mental illnesses isn’t talked about enough and that we need to get rid of the stigma associated with it. I once had depression almost to the point of suicide, and sadly my parents didn’t believe in it and my mother tried to “reason” away my thoughts and feelings. It only made me more empty inside. 🙁

    But there’s no shame in having mental illnesses, just like there is no shame in having a broken arm! Thanks for writing this post, Tajwar. ❤️


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