If you are  a writer, it is a must-do.

To write a good 500-600 words piece, it roughly takes 3-4 hours minimum, including the editing, selecting the right pictures, adding links.etc. Even the most basic article takes around 1 hour to write. Somedays you produce a masterpiece. And somedays are just the plain, sad ones.

Internet is a nasty space. People who haven’t written even 10 lines in their entire lives criticize budding writers and poets. And that’s very sad. A lot give up because of it. And this is wrong.

No matter how busy I was in these last months, I wrote at least 4 lines and posted it on the blog. And somehow I believe, that has kept me motivated.

So let’s support every writer out there, by copying and pasting this status. And also share one picture of you writing. To do something is better than to do absolutely nothing. Let’s appreciate our fellow writers & tell them that every single one of them is worth it. Also, Share it on every social media ( I have shared it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter already) and Reblog it so that it reaches every last person who is about to give-up writing  ! Spread this chain so that it becomes a cycle.


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