Letter to my best friend. 

Dear best friend,We haven’t exactly been what they call the ideal `best friends forever’, but we have been with each other through thick and thin. You have seen me evolve. Remember the day when that stupid boy insulted me, and I was so adamant on sticking around with him, it was you who pulled me out of that toxic relationship. You laughed when I cried, … Continue reading Letter to my best friend. 


I wish to go on road trips like these where you just stop and wonder how beautiful the view is. You get lost somewhere in the horizon. You feel so overwhelmed yet numb. The silence drains the turbulence that has been going on inside that little head of yours. Every element in this picture is so vast, so infinite, so interminable. But I want to know … Continue reading Secrets.

What is humanity without hope and compassion?

About four years ago, when the video of a baby boy sitting calmly inside an ambulance after a bomb blast in the capital of Syria went viral, I remember very clearly, I wept the entire night. I woke up and called my mother ( as I was in a different city back then ) and told her how lucky we are. How blessed we are … Continue reading What is humanity without hope and compassion?


She was like the sunset. And only a few knew how to love her. No one embraced the darkness that followed. She was dark and beautiful. But mortals loved brighter things. She was diverse, had so much inside of her. A combusting inferno that she was, ready to sear everyone who refused to believe in her.  But she kept it all inside, to succour everyone … Continue reading Inferno.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

WHAT IS PCOS ? As the name suggests, Polycystic ovarian syndrome also known as PCOS is a group of disorders in which the ovaries are enlarged with presence of small follicular cysts. The ovary starts producing excess testosterone. Testosterone is present in males but it is also found in the female body in very small amounts. It is responsible for the male secondary sexual characters … Continue reading Polycystic ovarian syndrome

FORGIVE OR FORGET-Which is easier?

Takes a lot of strength to forgive someone who has cut you like a sharp knife. The truth is you can never be the same towards them again. Never. And the fact that someone demeaned your expectations will always haunt you. No matter how many years pass, it will still hurt, it will be like a pin prick, sharp and for a moment. But it … Continue reading FORGIVE OR FORGET-Which is easier?

If you are  a writer, it is a must-do.

To write a good 500-600 words piece, it roughly takes 3-4 hours minimum, including the editing, selecting the right pictures, adding links.etc. Even the most basic article takes around 1 hour to write. Somedays you produce a masterpiece. And somedays are just the plain, sad ones. Internet is a nasty space. People who haven’t written even 10 lines in their entire lives criticize budding writers … Continue reading If you are  a writer, it is a must-do.