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I have been asked by so many of you if I’ll take writing up as a career. Well, to be honest, writing and makeup are my hobbies. Something that I do only when I am bored or free.

Medicine, on the other hand, is bread and butter for me. I will be contributing in a few books this year, might even co-author a book next year in sha Allah, but this profession is something that I imagined myself into, even before I was capable of having a vision!

I grew up in a very modest family with extremely hard working parents who gave me and my brother everything we needed. Seeing my father work so passionately as a clinician is what inspired me to pursue this as a career.

My father told me something when I got into med school, ‘’ Earn money. But not only money’’. And this resonates me and will always do.

I want to empathise with people and treat them. Healing comes only from Allah. And with a firm belief and rock solid faith in my training, I’ll continue medicine as my profession for as long as my health permits.


  1. Honestly, My dream ever since I was in grade 2 was to become a Doctor. But last year, in the 11th grade I lost all my interests…. because of demotivation and me not being to get good results. This year, I found the urge within me to serve as a psychologist. And then I realised, that I still choose Medicine! Now, In May I have my 12th Boards, the fear of failing just gets me break down. I am not a bright student so most of the times ended up as a disappointment to the family. I just really hope One day I achieve this love of my life.


  2. My childhood dream was to be a doctor. It didn’t work out…obviously. Now people are telling me that i need to publish my short stories. Funny…I HATE to write. It’s like Hemingway said…”you sit at the typewriter and bleed.” Although on a computer, that’s exactly what I do. One of these days, I think I may bleed to death. Sigh.

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