If you are  a writer, it is a must-do.

To write a good 500-600 words piece, it roughly takes 3-4 hours minimum, including the editing, selecting the right pictures, adding links.etc. Even the most basic article takes around 1 hour to write. Somedays you produce a masterpiece. And somedays are just the plain, sad ones. Internet is a nasty space. People who haven’t written even 10 lines in their entire lives criticize budding writers … Continue reading If you are  a writer, it is a must-do.


October 11th has been declared as the International Day of Girl Child by the UNICEF. We can have long debates on how the government is empowering our women, our girls. But the bitter truth is, we are giving a wrong message to our children, right inside our homes. Let’s tell our daughters about the things they are capable of, rather than telling them about the … Continue reading INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GIRL CHILD.

Journey of a lifetime- A tribute to my profession.

How the journey started – I spent most of my childhood in Liluah, in the outskirts of Kolkata. I clearly recall the numerous Good morning Doctor babu directed at my father on our way to school every morning. After 16 strenuous hours of duty, when he returned home tired, he was happy. It was his dream job after all. Growing up seeing my father serve … Continue reading Journey of a lifetime- A tribute to my profession.

How to evolve as a writer? (A 3-MINUTE READ)

Have you ever spent hours on the internet on how to be a successful writer ? Yes. Then this is just the right post for you. You can find hundreds of lengthy and tangential articles all over the internet on this one. For someone like me who has never written before, posting a new content every week is a challenge. I strongly believe there are … Continue reading How to evolve as a writer? (A 3-MINUTE READ)

Persistence is the key.

A few weeks ago, I was nominated for the Outstanding Personalities Annual Jainey and Nessa Awards under the Personal Development and Selfless Service in 5 categories. The results were out last week. And to my utter surprise, I had won four out of the five awards I was nominated for ! This was the first time they were conducting an event outside the country of … Continue reading Persistence is the key.

Busy bee 😃

Just a quick update. I have been very busy with my exams. So far they went well, not that good. I am still not done with my clinical exams. I haven’t been able to check out on my WordPress fam recently. I’ll be back on the 23rd. I promise. A whole week reading your blogs. I also promise to return back to each and every … Continue reading Busy bee 😃