Why do you need to fail ?

This is something that always keeps me motivated no matter how bad my day has been. Life is going to be cruel at times..it is going to knock you down real bad..bitter truth, isn’t it? We will encounter failures more often than we’ll encounter success..we’ll have to see sadness and despair again and again and again. BUT, just because you failed at something, doesn’t mean … Continue reading Why do you need to fail ?

One step at a time towards the impossible.

When I ask people what do they wish to do after this, most of the time I get to hear- Let’s get through this, maybe after that I’ll decide what to do. Why not decide what you want to achieve, and then take one step at a time towards it? One step at a time towards the impossible. This is the theme of our collaboration … Continue reading One step at a time towards the impossible.

Stepping out of comfort zones.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be one of the most challenging tasks ever. But the result is worthwhile. It is so alright to be haphazardly disorganized and aimless. The lack of motivation will eventually reflect on your work. The worst part of not going an extra mile for your goals is, later realizing how close you were to the finish line, yet you gave up too early. … Continue reading Stepping out of comfort zones.

What do you see? 

Look at this picture closely. What do you think the clouds and the sun signify ? Think of all the possible things you can come up with.  Well, to me- 1. iPhones have pretty good cameras and how immensely talented my friend is 😂 2. Spiritually, it may signify the beauty of nature and the grace of our creator. How these wonderfully imperfect things, look so perfect … Continue reading What do you see?