Why do you need to fail ?

This is something that always keeps me motivated no matter how bad my day has been. Life is going to be cruel at times..it is going to knock you down real bad..bitter truth, isn’t it? We will encounter failures more often than we’ll encounter success..we’ll have to see sadness and despair again and again and again. BUT, just because you failed at something, doesn’t mean … Continue reading Why do you need to fail ?

Respect people’s space and do not invade their privacy.

Crisis. An inevitable part of everyone’s life, but when someone is dealing with it, we take the sole responsibility of making things even worse for them. Trying to know everything about someone is foolish and unrealistic. You have got to give people the space that you would want for yourself. And it doesn’t end there. You continue to give your expertise on how all of … Continue reading Respect people’s space and do not invade their privacy.

Takes strength to be a person of substance.

Takes strength to accept yourself completely and unreservedly. Always ask your self- WHY? WHY NOT ? WHY NOT ME ? WHY NOT NOW ? Takes strength to love yourself fully, wholly and unconditionally. Takes strength to accept that you are messy, fragile, insecure and vulnerable. Takes strength to owe up to your mistakes. Yes I messed up, so what ? Takes strength to do what … Continue reading Takes strength to be a person of substance.

Big reveal!

When I started this blog in December last year, I was going through, what I thought, was a never ending trial. I needed motivation and so I started writing, because more than anyone else it was me who needed it the most. The love and the response that I have recieved from every single one of you is so overwhelming ! With no prior experience in … Continue reading Big reveal!

Why do you need a downtime/ timeout ?

What is a downtime?  A time when one is not working or active. What is a timeout ?  Time for rest or recreation away from one’s usual work or studies. I hit a mental saturation 2 months ago. Having a timeout wasn’t really an option then because I was having my exams in a month. I kept pushing myself. I hadn’t gone out in a … Continue reading Why do you need a downtime/ timeout ?

Let’s talk folks !

Honestly, am really running out of ideas to post something new.😁 The heat and college life is draining me. So I guess, I’ll take some time out for myself and for you as well and read some good posts by all you amazing and talented bloggers out there.  What you need to do ?  Comment below and leave a link to your blog. I promise to … Continue reading Let’s talk folks !