Collaboration with a Purpose 2 – July 2017- Strength.

Hey world, 

Me and 11 other super mega bloggers are back with another collaboration. It will be a series of 5 blogs, one every month. The last collaboration we had was in April. And I’m so excited for this one in particular, because we have added new members to our collab family. I hope you people enjoy reading it just as much as we enjoyed creating this. 

5th July is the date when we publish our posts for this month. It’s a theme based collaboration and the theme for this month is STRENGTH.

Here is the link of the previous collaboration.

1. Collaboration with a Purpose- Intro

2Collaboration with a Purpose- The Main Post

Here is a list of the wonderful bloggers taking part in this collab-

  1. Ajibola Sunday
  2. Ipuna Black
  3. Jothish Joseph
  4. Jane Love
  5. Barb Caffrey
  6. Addison D’Marko
  7. Nicolle K
  8. Sonyo Estavillo
  9. Mylene Orillo
  10. Camilla Motte
  11. Manal Ahmad

Enjoy reading folks !


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