Lines that inspire #6

With loads and loads and loads of Good Luck and Hope in everything that you do. And, I wish that you succeed today in your fight for a happy survival ! AND, yes, I want you to believe me, that even if you don’t succeed today, start again tomorrow, BECAUSE WHO KNOWS TOMORROW MIGHT BE YOUR DAY, TOMMOROW MIGHT BE YOUR TRANSITION 

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  1. They are an inspirational light. Thank you for sharing those words. Each moment is a new moment and once we start building faith in ourselves nothing is impossible… It just takes a thought I can, I will and the whole Universe starts supporting us. Thank you again for the inspiration. Be blessed 🙏🙏😊

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    • I can’t thank you enough for being such a dedicated reader Pawan. But still I will want to thank you.
      One more thing, I was going through your blog, and I loved all the asanas. I’m also planning on starting yoga soon. I would also suggest you to start a YouTube channel for yoga. I have seen your calibre and it’s amazing. I will love to see you attain heights of greatness. Great luck to you Pawan. And thanks for stopping by ♡


      • Well if you cannot thank me and when you stop thanking me I would feel blessed. You actually don’t need to thank me because you are such a magical soul that your emotions and feelings which you put on paper makes me and many simply be there and read and feel. Well I listen so I know how great a person you are. I am a forever student and this asana journey is simply very new to me Just one month completed on 6 th April. It is a long journey but somehow I am so excited that I just want to remain a child and learn each moment. You should start Yoga, but know yoga is not all about asanas. Asana is just the third limb of Yoga journey. Yoga is union of body, mind, heart and soul. All the best for the journey and you will one day in a moment will be a beautiful wonderful teacher I know and trust. And I am so grateful to you for those kind words. Future isn’t what anymore attracts me, I lost a lot by been in future…. Lost home, lost parents, lost love, lost soul, lost self, lost money, lost everything what I called mine and it was a beautiful lovely blessing for which I am grateful to life. I simply started knowing me after losing all for love of future. At this moment I know I am good, I am best and as the student I will learn and someday maybe a teacher appears for me but till then I need to be dedicated. But thank you once again for those lovely words, they mean lots, trust me. They are just like the ray of light on the dark path I am walking. 🙏

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    • I keep my self surrounded by positive people like you and it really inspires me to write better. Thank you so much Dear Cheryl for stopping by and giving this a read.
      I wish you a great weekend and I love your blog. Much love ♡


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