Sorry but I’m not Sorry.

​Few days ago, someone used my picture and created a fake account with some other name. He even went to the extent of sending messages to all my friends asking for their numbers. People never miss an opportunity to comment, why spare this. A girl even told me, ”that’s why we shouldn’t put pictures on social media”. I was for a moment shocked not because of the statement she made ( I have heard such remarks before from all the fake intellects ), but because this statement was made by a person who is about to become independent lady, someone who will earn a lot more than her male counterparts and most importantly  a role model for most of the people like me.

Giving a picture on social media is a personal  choice. I am not against anyone who doesn’t prefer to go public with her pictures. But to people like the girl above, I just want to ask –

1. Mam have you stopped going out because you might get raped? 

2. Ma’am have you stopped travelling in cars and buses because you might encounter an accident? 

3. Ma’am have you stopped living because eventually you have to die?

NO ! 

It is he who should be punished and looked down upon. Why should we stop putting pictures on social media because of mean people like this? Oh yeah, because I’m a woman and my choices don’t matter !!!!

Sorry but I’m not sorry.

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  1. Love this and completely agree with you!!
    The same thing happened to me last year there were 2 fake fb accounts and 3 fake Instagram accounts on me.
    I managed to get them all removed and I took down all my pics!
    As soon as I’m ready and I am sure I got all my t’s and i’s crossed I will post pics of myself again.

    Actually yeah it got worse then that.
    One of my emails got hacked too..😠

    But!! I made separate emails for certain things now. I’m more aware now.
    But that won’t stop me from living!

    Woman Power!
    Love this post thanks for sharing!

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    • It is shameful that we all are quiet because that happens !!!!!! I think it is the responsibility of people like us Karen, to influence people. People read our blogs. Like it. Get influenced. We all have to work together to break stereotypes.
      Girl power ❤

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  2. I’ve had a similar experience before, and though it did leave me shaken for a while, I got past that phase, accepting the fact that no matter what changes, narrow minded people don’t.

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    • It is true Ananya. And it is the responsibility of people like us to speak on matters like these. Our society has made it look like it is all a girl’s fault. You and I, we write blogs. People read it. We should write more on such topics so that people can gather courage to come out fearlessly. I loved your comment. Happy reading ♡

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