Reading with a purpose.

I’ll be having a reading marathon of Kahlil Gibran’s 12 greatest works. I am definitely not a book person, but I will be reading these and will be giving my own interpretation of how these can be related to our lives, in the hope that it will help both you and me.

My mother, who is a voracious reader, has insisted me to read his works and interpret them in my very own way, relate to them and share it with you all. 

I am already so excited to explore the book. And I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Here is a picture of the book that I bought today from the Oxford Bookstore.

P.S- Please be patient if I’m not able to write a blog everyday. Apologies for that. This is my final year in Medical School and I guess I might have a Study Marathon soon 😀 

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  1. Final year in medical school??? Congrats! Good for you!!!❤️​👏​👏​👏​ I applied to medical school, and I changed my mind to get married my hubby who was applying to dental school. I was a single mom at the time too. I have my PhD instead. I don’t regret all of my schooling. I love medicine too. Good luck on your exams. Keep it up! You are ambitious to even have a blog. PS. Happy Valentine’s!

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      • Thank you! Life is busy, huh??? Juggling is hard. I started this blog in 2014, but it was hard to maintain. I was full-time tenured-track at a university with 4 kids 😬​😬​😬​. My husband also has a solo dental practice that I help run. Something had to give. I went part-time. This is the first semester I’m not working at the university setting. I’m pursing my passion with YA fiction writing, but it’s a juggle for sure. My FB is under my name Ipuna Estavillo Black and my twitter is under Ipuna Black. I think the links are now at the bottom of my blog instead of the side :(. I have someone updating my blog write now, so it’s a bit of a mess. I’ll try to find you too.

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      • I wish you good luck in all your endeavours. May you get successful in everything you do. You are a superwomam for sure. I am a feminist and I have a huge respect for women like you. ❤
        I sent you a friend request on the facebook. And thanks for the follow on twitter ♡♡


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