Let’s talk folks !

Honestly, am really running out of ideas to post something new.😁 The heat and college life is draining me. So I guess, I’ll take some time out for myself and for you as well and read some good posts by all you amazing and talented bloggers out there.  What you need to do ?  Comment below and leave a link to your blog. I promise to … Continue reading Let’s talk folks !

How to contact me? 

I have been very busy lately because of my college fest. And also our 8th semester exams are almost here, though I haven’t read anything yet ! Those who aren’t from India, wouldn’t be aware with the semester system here.  Here’s a quick Intro. I am pursuing M.B.B.S. from a college in kolkata, India. M.B.B.S. stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It … Continue reading How to contact me? 

Respect people’s space and do not invade their privacy.

Crisis. An inevitable part of everyone’s life, but when someone is dealing with it, we take the sole responsibility of making things even worse for them. Trying to know everything about someone is foolish and unrealistic. You have got to give people the space that you would want for yourself. And it doesn’t end there. You continue to give your expertise on how all of it should have happened … Continue reading Respect people’s space and do not invade their privacy.

Sorry but I’m not Sorry.

​Few days ago, someone used my picture and created a fake account with some other name. He even went to the extent of sending messages to all my friends asking for their numbers. People never miss an opportunity to comment, why spare this. A girl even told me, ”that’s why we shouldn’t put pictures on social media”. I was for a moment shocked not because of … Continue reading Sorry but I’m not Sorry.