The desire we have within us about things that we do not have is corrosive. It is not wrong to be ambitious. To want good things for ourselves and to be able to design and decorate our lives in the best way possible, is essential and imperative. But while searching for this, we get so lost and wasted that we don’t enjoy what is actually in front of us. Or should I say, We fail to realise how blessed we are !

There is a lot to complain about. We all want to be “Perfect”. But firstly, we need to change how we define Perfect. Perfect is not something that isn’t flawed. Because everything is. Being Perfect is being content. Satisfied. Pleased with none but yourself. When you think about yourself, you should feel happy. You should smile. That is Perfection !

This desire of being perfect is unending. This quest will eventually become obsolete when we learn to live in the present. Be thankful for what you already have and stop complaining about the things that you don’t. The main objective behind writing all of this, is to make everyone realise that there will always be people better than you, people who have more than you do, people you look upto. But aren’t there also those who do not have things that you do? People who look upto you for perfection? 

We can either  be angry for what we do not have or be thankful for everything that we have. What will you chose ?

With loads of Love and Hope.

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    • You know actually it takes a lot of time to come to this realisation, but I’ll tell you it is the best thing ever. One cannot enjoy everything, one cannot get everything. There are things which are simply out of our reach. But we put in a lot of effort running after those than to cherish things that are right in front of us. To be able to prioritise what to focus on and what not to is also an art. Good luck ❤ I hope you enjoy reading my blogs !! Keep reading ❤

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