FORGIVE OR FORGET-Which is easier?

Takes a lot of strength to forgive someone who has cut you like a sharp knife. The truth is you can never be the same towards them again. Never. And the fact that someone demeaned your expectations will always haunt you. No matter how many years pass, it will still hurt, it will be like a pin prick, sharp and for a moment. But it will cause you pain. And it will affect your peace and your wholesomeness towards yourself, because you will never be able to believe anyone (completely) again. You will blame yourself  for putting them above you, for putting your trust in them, for seeing them as a family, as a friend. 

But you know, it was never your fault. And it wasn’t wrong on your part to believe that in this world of uncertainties, there was a possibility of someone being certain and truthful to you. Believing someone is a brave and beautiful thing. 

Like everyone, I have had my share of bitter-sweet memories with people. Some taught me lessons and some made houses for themselves in my heart. I know, the more I try to hold the grudge against someone, the most pain it will cause me. It will disrupt my peace, my tranquillity, my mental harmony. 

I find it very difficult to forgive someone, but eventually I do. I do it for myself. It’s a favour I’m returning back to myself. Because I definitely deserve better. And so do YOU. Revenge, may sound very satisfying. But the truth is, it isn’t as sweet as it seems. 

Tonight, no matter how badly someone treated you or played you, just forgive them. Let this burden off your chest. Because, Life is a beautiful journey. And we have a very limited time to enjoy it whole-heartedly.


  1. Great job. I try to remind myself that we are all human and humans sin intentionally and unintentionally
    unfortunately sometimes. I know I have and do. Everyone is at some point in their own journey. Sometimes some are on a more reckless road that until they wakeup, I try to separate myself from them, because I have found that misery loves company. My husband says with some people you need to use governmental forgiveness. You forgive but you keep that relationship at a arms length so you or your family do not get hurt. I don’ t know just my two cents.


  2. Awesome post! They’re both hard but I think it’s easier to forgive than to forget, because I don’t forget thing easily once they’re in my memory. 😛


  3. Great post Taj!
    When someone betrays your trust, it’s on them and not you.
    Hurt people hurt people–which means there’s something unresolved within them that led them along a path of betrayal. Perhaps if we understand this, we can forgive easier. We don’t have to forget, but by forgiving we set ourselves free and can open up to trusting again.


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