Persistence is the key.

A few weeks ago, I was nominated for the Outstanding Personalities Annual Jainey and Nessa Awards under the Personal Development and Selfless Service in 5 categories. The results were out last week. And to my utter surprise, I had won four out of the five awards I was nominated for ! This was the first time they were conducting an event outside the country of … Continue reading Persistence is the key.

Come to visit me in my dreams, and we shall be whole again.

Come to visit me in my dreams, And we shall be whole again. What do I get from all this longing, Other than the pain in vain ? I’d love you for another hundred years, with the desire of being your only one. Don’t let me astray with my loneliness, And end all this like another fun-done. Continue reading Come to visit me in my dreams, and we shall be whole again.

Zero fucks given- A tale of my beloved boy-friend jeans.

Well these days I have been more of an observer than a participant. And it has led me to a series of little realizations that I will share in different posts. Num 1: Let’s talk about my recently acquired boyfriend jeans. Originally styled and named by Mango, these ones get their name from the loose tattered jeans that you would borrow from your boyfriend to … Continue reading Zero fucks given- A tale of my beloved boy-friend jeans.

Busy bee 😃

Just a quick update. I have been very busy with my exams. So far they went well, not that good. I am still not done with my clinical exams. I haven’t been able to check out on my WordPress fam recently. I’ll be back on the 23rd. I promise. A whole week reading your blogs. I also promise to return back to each and every … Continue reading Busy bee 😃

Self love and acceptance.

Can you stay unhappy because you don’t look a certain way that the society, that men, that women want you to look? Can you live your life in despair and sadness thinking you are not good enough, just because someone else thinks that you are not ? They don’t follow a rule book made by you and your standards. So why should you ? Can … Continue reading Self love and acceptance.


Remember beauty is subjective and if you don’t fall into one particular part of this spectrum, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Also, the tips below aren’t a one day job. Do it regularly to see a difference. 1. For black spots on your face- 1. Cut half potato and one fourth of cucumber and take the juice out of them. Apply and rinse after 20 … Continue reading BEAUTY INGREDIENTS IN YOUR KITCHEN.