How to deal with fools? 

Who is a fool? A fool doesn’t, necessarily, mean a dumb and silly person, 

1. A person with an unusual and unnecessary big mouth, a victim of poor thoughts and lacks common sense, respect, discipline and honor. A fool is a person who opens his mouth without knowing actual facts. A fool will always deny, disregard and rebel !

2. A person who loves to create scenesloves attention and dramaalways plays the victim and tries to gain sympathy on a sporadic basis.   I Can Smell a WANNABE here !

3. A person obsessed with power, position and career, proud enough to neglect the truth and impulsive enough to overlook matters that are relevant.

4. A person who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

 5. A person who fails to acknowledge your worth, your struggles, your victories, your triumphs and your accolades. Someone who fails to appreciate your competence.

6. A person who sees everyone as a reflection of themselves. Hence, the insecurity!

7. A person who will always complain, condemn and criticize, no matter how you treat them.

8. A person who will drag you to their level and then beat you with experience. They’ll never hesitate to lie, deceive and slander.

9. A Person who will never accept his mistakes and will never greet advices. Someone who can never take the taste of his own medicines.

10. Fools are never responsible for their actions. They’ll always try and put the blame on someone else. With all the trouble they bring on themselves, they’ll repeat the same mistakes, again and again irrespective of the consequences.


 1. Silence is the best reply to a fool. But that can be hard at times !


2. Promise to better yourself, ameliorate, with every fool that you encounter. Nothing disgusts a fool more than your success !

3. Don’t  let your pride guide you. Let your accomplishments speak for you. Keep the right attitude and motivation. It is easy to become judgmental and arrogant. So, where’s the difference between a fool and you ?

4. Arguing with a fool is like playing chess with a pigeon. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU ARE, THE PIGEON IS GOING TO SHIT ON THE BOARD AND STRUT AROUND LIKE IT WON ANYWAY ! Your mind will tempt you to answer a fool, argue with them, so pray for your self control and patience !

5. Once in a while, Play the role of a fool, to fool a fool, who thinks they are fooling you. Else you’ll end up in pain, frustration, anger and confusion.

6. Treat them like rocks and furniture and papers and rugs. The more importance you give them, the more ammunition they get to continue with their foolishness.

7. A fool flatters himself. A wise man flatters a fool.😆

8. Prepare boundaries and protect yourself from being harmed by the fools.

9. No one is there in your life without a purpose. No one is there by accident. Your challenge is to see the bigger picture and respond accordingly.

10. Don’t try to change them.

Don’t waste your breath on fools, for they will despise the wisest advice. 

(Proverbs 23:9).




  1. Haha, I really loved this line: “Arguing with a fool is like playing chess with a pigeon. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU ARE, THE PIGEON IS GOING TO SHIT ON THE BOARD AND STRUT AROUND LIKE IT WON ANYWAY!” Totally made my day, and it’ll definitely remind me when I deal with a fool. 😆

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Sir for stopping by and reading it. There are several Bible references that I have saved for my future blogs. I hope you will like them as well. Have a great day ahead!


  2. I liked the pigeon reference as well! Back in the days of Shakespeare a “fool” was a sort of entertainer and comedian. I wonder when it changed or did the fools of the old times just play the fool once too often and it stuck.

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    • It is actually true. And you know the saddest part, no matter how positive to try to be, people like these pigeons will always try and bring you down.
      I hope you are having a great week ♡

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