I wish to go on road trips like these where you just stop and wonder how beautiful the view is. You get lost somewhere in the horizon. You feel so overwhelmed yet numb.

The silence drains the turbulence that has been going on inside that little head of yours. Every element in this picture is so vast, so infinite, so interminable.

But I want to know what’s on the other side of these colors. I want to know what’s on the other side of these fields, these beautiful meadows. I want to know who lives there. I want to know how they feel living there, away from the city’s hustle. I want to know their struggles. I want to know what they eat for dinner. I want to know whom they love and what they love. I want to know the secrets that these meadows hold.

Picture by Ajibola Sunday 

Words by me.


    • Me toooooo!
      Patricia, my love.
      How have you been ?
      Oh my gosh. It’s been ages since we chit chatted. I have been so so so busy love with my that they are over I am figuring out my life and writing as well. How can I connect to you other than WordPress and the email ? You can find me on Instagram and Facebook with my name Tajwar fatma. I would love that😍


  1. What lies beyond is not a secret but an experience which one can feel once he becomes conscious of the Lord.. The spiritual ecstacy!! Where there is no fear and no grievances.. only true self and Eternal HIM!!
    Just an opinion. Felt like expressing after reading your wonderful post!! Amazing and well written!!😍 Loved it!


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