Never take your parents for granted.

I started this post with a statement that must have given you mixed emotions. I am not going to rant about the numerous things they have done for us. We already know that. Don’t we ? We just fail to acknowledge them all.

Our parents are the greatest blessings we’ll ever have. Believe me. The Greatest ! They might take some extreme decisions sometimes, even wrong ones, decisions that will hurt and haunt you for the rest of your lives. But believe me they do so only in our best interests.

We all argue with them for being so orthodox in their outlook and approach. Even I do. We all do. Our children will do the same. And their children too. It’s a cycle. A lot of parents adapt to the changing views. A lot don’t. But they are our parents. Aren’t they ? They accepted us for being wicked and ungrateful, can’t we accept them for being a lil’ orthodox? (I cry as I write this down, because I know that Allah has given me parents, a thousand times better than I will ever deserve).

Sometimes when my parents misunderstand me on any particular topic, I feel disgusted. No, I don’t feel disgusted at them. I feel disgusted that they are not being able to see the good in my plan, that I do. I don’t owe them anything. I don’t do anything for them. Instead, they brought me into this world. Made a giant corpus out of a foetus. Fed me. Clothed me. I can only imagine and feel sorry about how they must feel when our opinions clash. I feel them, oh god !

We are growing up. And our parents are growing old. I don’t realise this. And most of you don’t. But this post is a reminder. Take care of them. Pray for them. Pray for their long healthy lives. Pray that you prove to be good children to them. Tell them you love them. Call them if you haven’t in days. Don’t hold resentments. One day they’ll be gone leaving a void, no one can ever fill !

May god bless all our parents. Protect them and comfort them, take care of them just as they have done for us.


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