World health day.

Today, on world health day, I have written something that is very close to my heart. Mental illness goes unnoticed because we have associated it with craziness and madness. Any mood deviations should be brought under check, in time. People are taking their lives, because no matter how worthy they are, depression and anxiety makes them feel like a piece of trash. The worst part … Continue reading World health day.

Let’s practice Women’s Day

I know people love Days, especially the ones when they can celebrate their love and support for women and boast how much they believe in Feminism. BUT. Tomorrow, when they go back to their offices, they’ll sexualize their secretaries. When the 30 year old woman gets a better designation than them, they’ll defame and question her ability to stand out. Tomorrow, when a woman will … Continue reading Let’s practice Women’s Day

Back after a very long time.

Hello Folks, I haven’t been active on wordpress, for almost three months now. I had too much on my plate and I didn’t want to compromise quality for quantity. My final exams just got over a day before yesterday. I promise to be very very regular with my blog now. Also, I have missed a lot of works by you people, kindly comment below, so … Continue reading Back after a very long time.

What is humanity without hope and compassion?

About four years ago, when the video of a baby boy sitting calmly inside an ambulance after a bomb blast in the capital of Syria went viral, I remember very clearly, I wept the entire night. I woke up and called my mother ( as I was in a different city back then ) and told her how lucky we are. How blessed we are … Continue reading What is humanity without hope and compassion?

Busy bee 😃

Just a quick update. I have been very busy with my exams. So far they went well, not that good. I am still not done with my clinical exams. I haven’t been able to check out on my WordPress fam recently. I’ll be back on the 23rd. I promise. A whole week reading your blogs. I also promise to return back to each and every … Continue reading Busy bee 😃


Remember beauty is subjective and if you don’t fall into one particular part of this spectrum, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Also, the tips below aren’t a one day job. Do it regularly to see a difference. 1. For black spots on your face- 1. Cut half potato and one fourth of cucumber and take the juice out of them. Apply and rinse after 20 … Continue reading BEAUTY INGREDIENTS IN YOUR KITCHEN.


A breakthrough product in the history of modern cosmetology is Nature Republic’s Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing gel. What they claim– Enriched with natural Aloe vera, this gel can be used to mildly moisturize various parts of the body such as legs, face, arms and hair. Price– I bought it from Amazon India. It costed me 1550 INR for 300ml. Texture–  Very light … Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW #1- NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL.