What is humanity without hope and compassion?

About four years ago, when the video of a baby boy sitting calmly inside an ambulance after a bomb blast in the capital of Syria went viral, I remember very clearly, I wept the entire night. I woke up and called my mother ( as I was in a different city back then ) and told her how lucky we are. How blessed we are … Continue reading What is humanity without hope and compassion?

Busy bee 😃

Just a quick update. I have been very busy with my exams. So far they went well, not that good. I am still not done with my clinical exams. I haven’t been able to check out on my WordPress fam recently. I’ll be back on the 23rd. I promise. A whole week reading your blogs. I also promise to return back to each and every … Continue reading Busy bee 😃


After fasting for an entire month in Ramadan, here comes the most awaited day! Eid-ul-fitr ! Muslims greet each other by saying Eid Mubarak, shake hands and hug each other thrice forgetting any past bitter memories and spreading the love and essence of one’s soul to everyone around them. 6.45 am– “Wake up Guria, it’s already 10 am. The relatives will be here anytime. ” ( … Continue reading EID MUBARAK♡

Let’s talk folks !

Honestly, am really running out of ideas to post something new.😁 The heat and college life is draining me. So I guess, I’ll take some time out for myself and for you as well and read some good posts by all you amazing and talented bloggers out there.  What you need to do ?  Comment below and leave a link to your blog. I promise to … Continue reading Let’s talk folks !

The little things we take for granted-What RAMADAN taught me.

Those who know me will back me up on this one. I am a foodie. Food is my soul. 😁 But today, unlike most days of the year, I was observing a fast and I had this beautiful realization. And I would like to share it with all of you in the hope that it will motivate us to value the little things that we … Continue reading The little things we take for granted-What RAMADAN taught me.