Let’s talk folks !

Honestly, am really running out of ideas to post something new.😁 The heat and college life is draining me. So I guess, I’ll take some time out for myself and for you as well and read some good posts by all you amazing and talented bloggers out there.  What you need to do ?  Comment below and leave a link to your blog. I promise to … Continue reading Let’s talk folks !

The Real Neat blog Awards, 2017

I have been nominated for The Real Neat Blog Awards by Dear Kitty. Some blog, who writes on animals, peace and war, science, social justice, women’s issues, arts and much much. Please visit Dear Kitty’s page and read some really amazing blogs ! The nominees of this award have to answer 7 questions. Here are mine (Wuuhuu, How I love questionaires, not the ones in my Med school 😆 ) : … Continue reading The Real Neat blog Awards, 2017