Have you ever been in love at an age when you really couldn’t understand how your tiny little brain works ? I guess we all have. Puppy love, is what I would love to call it. This childhood love and it’s bitter-sweet memories fade as you enter adulthood. You seem to think that you are over it all, finally. But then bang ! One day, that one fate-ful (less) day, the same love that you held so close to your innocent heart comes back into your life. What would you do ?

To find it out, you need to read- My First Breakup by Dhruba D Roy. You can buy the book on Amazon by Clicking here

What I loved the most about this book was, it’s lucid and communicative writing. The author, an engineer by profession and a musician by passion, has beautifully penned down college experiences, how his dream drove his passion for music and struggles with social media every 90’s born kid had to undergo.

A must-buy for every romance freak. It will keep you glued till the very end, I promise

Happy reading.


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