Let’s practice Women’s Day

I know people love Days, especially the ones when they can celebrate their love and support for women and boast how much they believe in Feminism.


Tomorrow, when they go back to their offices, they’ll sexualize their secretaries. When the 30 year old woman gets a better designation than them, they’ll defame and question her ability to stand out. Tomorrow, when a woman will get a rich, handsome husband, her female colleagues will slut-shame her. Tomorrow when a girl would want to enjoy/live/pursue her dreams, she’ll be repeatedly reminded that she is a woman, and there are ‘things’ women aren’t supposed to do! Tomorrow, ten hundred more rapes will happen. Tomorrow, there will be more acid attacks than ever! Tomorrow, breasts and buttocks will again be treated as some ‘ sexual thingies’. Tomorrow, I’ll receive messages that will either threaten my safety or they’ll tell me how ugly I am with all those acne, scars and fat on my body.

This list is endless…

I was supposed to write something positive about women’s day in this Collaboration. But I just couldn’t resist writing how misogyny has overthrown feminism.

Oprah Winfrey said that speaking your truth is the most powerful thing ever ! And here is the truth, the real meaning of women’s day isn’t just screaming #GirlPower and giving quotes on how the status of women in our society can be elevated. The real women’s day will be celebrated when we actually start practicing it!

I don’t want to be worshipped in the daylight and harassed during the night. I want my freedom not because I am a girl, but because I am a human. I am delicate and there are thousands things that I can not do. But I am strong as well and there are the other thousand amazing things that I excel in.

My life is filled with some really talented, smart and compassionate girls and women, like those taking part in this collab, but believe me there are many such hidden talents that can even outsmart the brightest of the lot, given the chance. Let them grow. Let’s not chop off their wings. Let’s practice women’s day everyday!

In the hope of a better and brighter feminism,


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  1. Wow.

    This is one power-packed post. I love how you outline that Women’s Day is not just about the day and what is done when. It is about how we go about practicing having mutual respect, honor, and appreciation of each other despite the gender.

    Because no matter how different we look, even science confirms that we are one and the same species – human. We may have different deoxyribonucleic acids (love saying the full thing instead of DNA), but we all follow the same law of a double helix… caeteris paribus.

    Let’s live each day practicing the essence of women’s day.

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  2. I agree with everything you pointed out. It is very true that while women have come far, misogyny has overthrown feminism. Just look at the #MeToo movement, after decades of silence women are coming forward (some men too) discussing sexual harassment. Great post! ❤

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  3. You’re right that too many people celebrate for one day, and then slide back into the same old bad habits the next. And certainly women take more than their share of insults over their appearance than men; there is just no doubt about that whatsoever. (Though younger men of my acquaintance have told me that as time goes by, they, too, get more insults than not. It looks like we’re heading toward the “lowest common denominator” model, that way; as we aren’t actors and don’t look like them, and aren’t air-brushed perfect besides, we all think we’re less-than, and we’re not.)

    We do need to celebrate Women’s Day everyday, along with Men’s Day (which I believe in November). But men are more likely to have an unconscious assumption they can do anything they want, while women are more likely to have an unconscious assumption that if they have time for it after taking care of everyone else, maybe they can still have the energy to do everything they want, too.

    Great post, Taj. But I wish it hadn’t had to be written. (If our society was further along the road to true happiness and equality — as much as we can have, as we’re all different and unique beings with our own wants and needs — we’d be a lot better off.)

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  4. Super love this post, especially this para: “I don’t want to be worshipped in the daylight and harassed during the night. I want my freedom not because I am a girl, but because I am a human.” I can feel a lot of emotions on this! Great post you have here, Taj!

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  5. Great post, I like how you don’t mince words when it comes to women issues! 💪🏻

    I had the same thinking before I started writing my post; should I write something positive for this collaboration as usual? But women’s issues aren’t exactly something positive, and I like how you went with it anyway. Awareness is the first step to a positive change. 😀

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