Letter to my best friend. 

Dear best friend,We haven’t exactly been what they call the ideal `best friends forever’, but we have been with each other through thick and thin.

You have seen me evolve. Remember the day when that stupid boy insulted me, and I was so adamant on sticking around with him, it was you who pulled me out of that toxic relationship.

You laughed when I cried, and that made me laugh too. 

We don’t call each other everyday, we don’t post pictures everyday, but somewhere, you and I, both know that this friendship is real and everything else is just an illusion.

You have listened to my story. You didn’t wound me when I showed you how vulnerable and weak I was. I showed you my darkness, my insecurities, parts that I’d never show any human. But with you it was just as easy as blinking the eye.

We fight. And we come back together. We forgive each other. I don’t know how much we mean to one another. But I know this in the darkest and the deepest corners of my soul, you are my anchor, you keep me grounded and humble.  You are loyal to me, something that has become so rare now.

You shall always have a place in my heart. I love you.


    • Heyyyyy.
      How have you been ?
      Oh my gosh. It’s been ages since we chit chatted. I have been so so so busy love with my exams..now that they are over I am figuring out my life and writing as well. How can I connect to you other than WordPress and the email ? You can find me on Instagram and Facebook with my name Tajwar fatma. I would love that

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      • Hi Tajawar…. Doing well… a good year so far and was in a little vacation to the beach last week. I arrived yesterday, though, so I am catching up a bit. I use Instagram, not so much into Facebook. I´ll look for you there!. Love & happy weekend to you ❤ 🙂


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