What is humanity without hope and compassion?

About four years ago, when the video of a baby boy sitting calmly inside an ambulance after a bomb blast in the capital of Syria went viral, I remember very clearly, I wept the entire night. I woke up and called my mother ( as I was in a different city back then ) and told her how lucky we are. How blessed we are ! How fortunate we are to be living in a place without the fear of being bombarded any minute !

There was this girl, a Syrian refugee, on Facebook describing her life in Syria. She said that every night her family members would hug each other before they slept because they weren’t sure if they will make it alive to the next morning ! It cut my heart ! It just did. 

One of my very close friends from blogosphere happens to be a refugee and she described her childhood as a terrifying experience. One day when we were talking about Syria, Damiyan told me, “I don’t know Taj how things are in Syria now, but Pain and Fright are a lifestyle over there. So tell me whenever you get a chance you will help them. Promise me. Will you?”. 

Knowing someone like that so closely as I know Damiyan, has given me a different perspective towards all of these. I imagine myself in that position and I can only think about the pain and the fear. My fear is nothing compared to theirs. It’s a nightmare ! The worst of its sort.

I have been an active speaker and writer on humantarian rights on several sites and I also enrolled in the Malala Foundation 3 years back. I have read about 50 or more stories on lives of these refugees if not less. I know how things are. And my words on paper will never ever justify their sorrow !

I guess everyone of you must have heard about the challenges and on going war in Syria (if not please google). Refugee camps are a hope that no matter how bad the days are, there’s always gonna be a silver lining ! So there is this great initiative called LETTERS OF LOVE, which is trying to spread smiles and give hope to all the refugees out there. All you need to do is visit their site and leave a small Christmas or New year or just a well wishing message for the little Syrian refugees and they will get your message right before Christmas. I promise it won’t take much of your time. The link is below, please please please, visit and contribute in whatever way you can. 
Imagine yourself in a similar situation, thrown away from your own country, your own house, living in a different land with minimum supplies, unknown faces, asking yourself everyday WHY ME ? and then you get these letters of hope, these letters of love. How will that make you feel ? Let’s show them that they are not alone. We are all in this together. Thousands of miles away someone is thinking about them, writing them letters and giving them hope. 



  1. The issue with Syria (and actually how the world has so many wars and poverty) going on really pains my heart. I hope everyone can be aware and can help even in their own little ways. Will check the link you posted.


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