How to evolve as a writer? (A 3-MINUTE READ)

Have you ever spent hours on the internet on how to be a successful writer ? Yes. Then this is just the right post for you.

You can find hundreds of lengthy and tangential articles all over the internet on this one. For someone like me who has never written before, posting a new content every week is a challenge.

I strongly believe there are two types of people who always succeed-
1. Talented.
2. Hard working.

But in writing, covering up flaws can keep us from success. Writing weaknesses are normal. We all have them. But it’s okay, because each of us is on the same journey, and there is no finish line–no point we reach where we’re “good enough.” Regardless of how adept we become at writing, there will always be room to grow

– via writers helping writers.

Here are a few tips that helped me grow as a writer –

1. Make a diary for new words. I read books, articles or watch movies, if I like a particular word or I don’t know the meaning of it, I immediately write it down. I read it later. And just like that it gets imprinted in my brain!

2. Read even if it’s one article or one page everyday. Right now I’m reading Between Night and Morn by Kahlil Gibran with my vocabulary diary beside me. All good writers are voracious readers !

3. Keep experimenting with your work. Write every day or write at least thrice a week, even if you don’t get them published, even if it’s just a paragraph. The more you write, the better. Practice puts brain into your muscles. Regularly writing will give you confidence and boost the flow of words. Never forget, You are your strongest contender !

4. Don’t feel offended or disparaged if someone points out your mistakes. When I started this blog, it was my second or third article, my good friend Sreya Mazumder, who is a well-established sports blogger told me that there has to be a space after every comma. And this was probably the most important advice anyone in blogosphere ever gave me. It changed a lot of things. You can read her latest work by clicking here.

It may sound silly that I didn’t know it, but nobody knows it all. And that’s how we grow! By acknowledging who and what we are and fixing our short comings.

5. Don’t expect to make an impact in just a few days. There are many successful writers who wrote for their entire lives before getting a book published !

Turn your wounds into wisdom. Never be too full of yourself. There is always scope for improvement.


  1. Thanks for sharing these great advice! I agree with all of them. For me, the best way to learn new words is to use them in writing somewhere. 😀

    In the past, I used to be really sensitive to any criticism, even constructive ones; anything even mildly negative strikes me as a personal attack, even though it’s not. Now I’m better with receiving criticism and try not to feel bad about anything mildly negative. 🙂

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  2. Oooh Marisse would love this! You’re a Kahlil Gibraltar reader too!

    I have no problem with writing in general but I am consistently irritated by people who I know are very talented but lazy. They could do great things if they put some discipline in their work. It’d be a shame not to make the most out of it. They should read this!

    I also met one lady writer/blogger who I know is hardworking, but for some reason, she tends to avoid criticisms. You know me, I give out constructive criticisms as my way of helping any aspiring bloggers in our group. But in her case, she blocked my ass on Facebook. Hahaha you may have seen some of my posts about her on my timeline.

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    • What you are doing for us aspiring newbie bloggers is beyond words Roel !
      This is such a selfless act and it has really boosted a lot of confidence in my work personally. So thank you so much for doing it. And I hope you continue doing it.❤
      And yes, there are people who are simply afraid to step out of their comfort zones.
      And there are also tonnes of people who avoid criticism, like this lady you are talking about 😂😂😂
      I think criticism makes you a thick skin. And you can only survive this industry if you have a thick skin. Because not Always one can produce a masterpiece. And even then, you recieve criticism.


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