Zero fucks given- A tale of my beloved boy-friend jeans.

Well these days I have been more of an observer than a participant. And it has led me to a series of little realizations that I will share in different posts.

Num 1:

Let’s talk about my recently acquired boyfriend jeans.

Originally styled and named by Mango, these ones get their name from the loose tattered jeans that you would borrow from your boyfriend to give the perfect tomboy look. These are often very loose and have a combination of various styles in the way they are ripped.

Honestly when I saw Malaika Arora Khan wearing a dual color ripped boyfriend jeans, the first thought that came to my mind was Boy, that looks so chique ! I searched it on every shopping app for hours before I could finally lay my hands on this one !

During the last couple of seasons, it’s become clear that baggy jeans are a fashion girl’s staple. No matter what the season, the slouchy denim style never lets you down, and adds just the right amount of effortlessness to any outfit- Style caster

I had people coming to me and telling how loose and baggy my jeans were. I told them that’s the point !Some even enquired if I had borrowed them from my brother.


And not to forget, the 50s talking and giggling behind the walls.

Here are a few celebs who, for sure, slayed the entire messy baggy boyfriend jeans look-


It was then I realised 4 things-

1. My mamma taught me this golden rule, If you cannot say something nice, just shut up ! I have seen people dress in ways not suiting their body types. But nevertheless they did. Why ? Because they loved it. And that’s the only thing that matters, well to me atleast. I do love to debate on a lot of matters but poking someone on how they look and what they wear, out of the blue, is definitely not me. Infact, I love complementing people all the time (some consider me crazy for that. But the truth is- I’m an admirer of beautiful things). This world is already full of negativity we certainly don’t need any more of it !

2. People who have absolutely no sense of fashion when talk about it, it breaks my heart ! And the same thing happens when people who have absolutely no clue what’s happening in my life right now, speculate, make assumptions and add to my misery.

3. You aren’t answerable to everyone. You can’t make everyone like what you like. But does that matter ?

4. Lastly, how I chose to react to them ? I appeared in the same jeans over and over in public. I put it up on social media. And I am now writing a blog on it. The thing is. I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks, atleast in something that is not offending them.

Now a lot of people will say if you don’t give a fuck why rant about it. There are a lot of people who have stopped wearing clothes that people said didn’t look good on them. This post is for them, exclusively.

Wear (and do) whatever you like. If somebody doesn’t like it, let them not wear it. But you do. You spent money on this shit. Don’t let others impose their decisions on you.

Here’s to all haters who try to bring me down everyday- P-E-A-C-E from me and my bestie πŸ’


    • Absolutely Mylene. I have been a regular visitor on your Instagram, and I wanted to say this to you since forever. You are such an inspiration. I’m so motivated by you. You give me positive vibes. Lots of love to you 😍

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  1. Hey Doctor sahiba, thanks for stopping by at my end.

    I thought first you are saying these are actually your boy friend jeans πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    I didn’t know that their are names to jeans seriously, thanks for letting me know.

    Talking about your post, I think your jeans are not too baggy, what I saw guys wearing these days, it’s hung by the buttocks, if you step a little bit it will fall down. Like what on earth it’s this fashion.

    One should wear what the person feels comfortable, if you are comfortable in what and how you looks no one can disturb you!

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    • Yes sir. I feel the same. I’m not comfortable with the skinny right jeans. I love loose ones. And I recieved so much criticism on this one from people around me. I was like, this world is full of hypocrites. They tell you to be you, Nd then they judge you.
      I’m glad I have people like you who are open minded and supportive.


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