Overcoming negativity.

Today marks 10,000 HITS on my blog, Alhumdullilaah!

A lot of people have told me, straight away, that they don’t like what I write, or they don’t like my writing style. Some even say I don’t make much sense. You can imagine far worse things being said behind my back !

But I always ask myself this-

Should I believe them and waste my time thinking about all the negative comments I have received ? Or should I believe the 4069 visitors from 95 countries, the people who come to me and tell me how much I inspire them, people who have contributed to my success, my well wishers, my family and friends?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And as far as my knowledge goes, all the greatest writers weren’t as well!

What drives me insanely optimistic is the fact that I’m trying the best I can.

Someone once told that Shakira sounded like a goat, that Shahrukh khan doesn’t know how to act, Ed sheeran sounds like a crying beaver, that JK Rowling doesn’t have diversity in her writing, Sophia Veragara and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan look like witches ( Aishwarya Rai being Miss World 1994, mind you !) and that list is endless !

There are two conclusions from the above examples-

1. People will keep criticizing no matter how good you are.

2. No amount of criticism every stopped them from moving forward and trying. Had any one of them stopped doing what they were the first time they were criticised, they wouldn’t have left behind legacies !

I’ll elaborate the above conclusions –

A. People will/ will not like what you do. They want to see you do what suits them. But since when are we living our lives in everybody else’s terms ? Opinions are subjective.

B. Success isn’t guranteed. But if you don’t learn how to channel the negativity, your failure is guranteed!

C. Listen what people have to say. Keep those words that will profit you. Ignore the words which will threaten you and endanger your mental peace.

D. I have repeatedly said this in my previous posts that you have to take chances.

What if I fall?

But what if you fly?

E. I personally derive motivation from all the criticism I get. Keeps me focused. It makes me laugh that people are trying to pull me down. But nah nah, you aren’t succeeding today !

When you fly, people will throw stones. Make sure you fly higher, so that those stones don’t hurt you.

F. Don’t let negativity get to your mind and heart. You have to lose in order to win. And if you can’t handle criticism and negativity, you sure can’t handle praise and victory !

Let me know how you channel negativity and overcome them in the comments below.


  1. I! Love! This! You are so right! I push the insecurities away by focusing on the uplifting feedback from others–and the memories of the days when I am confident that I have a gift for writing and connecting with others. Reading posts such as yours reminds me of the highly successful people who persevered/believed in themselves and never gave up. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations!!!! 🙂

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  2. I agree with this awesome post! I think many people will always have negative things to say no matter what, because they focus on the negative rather than the positive. We shouldn’t let ourselves get dragged down. 😀
    Also, congrats on your 10,000 blog hits! 🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈

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  3. […] Folks, the other day I read an interesting post by my friend Tajwar Fatma, she of the blog Life As We Have Never Known it. She’d just passed ten thousand hits on her blog — a truly impressive feat, if you think about it — and she decided to talk about how much negativity she’s had to overcome during her newfound blogging career. (It’s called “Overcoming Negativity,” and can be found here.) […]

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  4. Congrats on 10 000 hits! Well done. You’re so right, people will always criticize no matter how great you are. For me I ignore them and tell myself they’re wrong. If it’s something that I already struggle with and find myself wanting to believe them, I use affirmations until I believe myself.

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