Guest post#2 By Jane Love- Key Principles to Becoming Your Best Self

In our world today, we have a lot of amazing people who should all play a part in making it much more lively and colorful. But their ability to demonstrate to their individuality and part in making our world better is limited. Why? Because they have not yet learned how to unlock their best self.

In order to be the best that you can, you have to follow certain key principles of life. There are numerous principles out there and all are important in our quest to better our world. Today, I’ll be focusing on one such principle in reference to two of its sub-categories.

The Principle

“Do unto Others What You Would Have Done unto You”

Many people go about their daily lives causing havoc in the life of others because they fail to abide by this basic code. Failure to consider the effects of our words and actions on others is becoming quite popular these days. And few realize that ignoring this “think before you act” concept means we’re making backward progress towards the achievement of our “changing the world” goal.

Sub-Category 1: Speech

In reaction to any situation, it’s easy to say the first thing that comes to mind. This because it usually is most befitting to the situation. And of course, in the heat of the moment, no one actually has the time to reconsider their choice of words. That’s the norm.

But it shouldn’t be.

Words are like bullets and your mouth is the gun containing it. And just like bullets can either injure a person or kill them (depending on where it strikes), so can your words. Nobody likes to be shot – not even the one behind the gun. So, why do we fire thoughtless words at our neighbors?

Just because what you’re about to say seems befitting to the situation doesn’t mean it should be said.

Before you say anything to anyone, take some time to consider these things:

• Does this make this person better?

• Is it uplifting?

• Is it what is really needed now?

• How would I feel if the same thing was said to me in a similar situation? (Be completely honest with yourself)

• How else can I rephrase this? (Maybe it needs to be said but just needs the right delivery).

Sometimes, it’s not really the words you say that matter but how you deliver them. Even the kindest of statements can have negative effects if delivered wrongly or at the wrong time.

A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper-fire. King Solomon (Proverbs 15:1)

So, learn to choose your words carefully.

Sub-Category 2: Actions

You encounter people making fun of another person. What do you do? Most just follow the crowd and join in. Few actually take the time to analyze the effect on the person being mocked.

Teasing becomes mockery when the person being teased is clearly uncomfortable with it. Some people are good at hiding their emotion while others clearly show how they feel. Either way, know one thing – mockery never feels good no matter what they portray.

There’s are times when the action also seems befitting. Like when someone offends you… you have every right to be angry. What doesn’t help is how you choose to react. Yes, you have the right to be angry. It doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.

Someone offends you, respond with love (be it correction or pointing out their mistake). Don’t go retaliating angrily too. You’ll just be fueling the flames of misunderstanding all the more. That’s how they expect you to retaliate.

So, when, instead, you respond with love, they’ll repent of their offence and be ashamed.

These are all examples of instances when thinking before deciding on a course of action is necessary. We must learn to be selfless and considerate.

If everyone considers the feelings of everyone else before speaking or acting, the world be a much better place. Let’s be our best selves by abiding by this concept.

About the blogger

Jane Love, is one of those rare people who you meet in life that is easy to connect with. She is kind, smart, and incredibly giving. Jane has a unique perspective of the world and it is definitely one worth delving into. According to a personality test, based on her favorite color, she is a great communicator and loves to talk. She often likes to think of herself as a scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive. Jane can also be an entertainer, comic or clown if it means bringing a smile to the faces of family and friends. Along with her siblings Kingsley and Soul Ja, Jane runs a blog that aims to inspire, pick up, and create a better world.

You can visit her blog by clicking here

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  1. “Words are like bullets and your mouth is the gun containing it” That is deep! What we say to people and how we say it really matters. Great post.

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  2. Hey B.D.T,
    Thanks for allowing me to guest post for you. It was a great experience and I’m touched by the response to it.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    P.S. sorry for being so late in getting here. Been extremely busy and all. I'm soooo behind.

    Liked by 1 person

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