Guest post #1 By Anubhuti Seth Mehn – Fair baby…are you praying for one?

“What did you eat to get a fair baby? Even I want a fair-child.”

When are we going to grow out of these preferences?

I think you will agree with me when I say that we as a nation are obsessed with fair skin. I always thought that this preference for the fairer skin tone was only restricted to marriage. Most people who start bride/groom-hunting always want a ‘fair beautiful bride’ or a ‘fair handsome groom’. But I never understood the philosophy or logic behind this preference.

Why does everyone want a ‘fair’ life-partner?

Is being light-coloured the only thing that makes a girl beautiful or a man handsome? I have never felt so. I hate it when someone asks me “What beauty products do you use that you are so fair?”

My reply is always the same – Nothing, and even you shouldn’t use products that promise to make you fair.

I wish everyone out there realised that they are all a beautiful creation of God. I don’t think anything can really change your skin colour; and honestly, you shouldn’t even desire for a change. You are beautiful the way you are.

Just be confident and love yourself. All of these events happened before I became a mother. But what came as a shock was a question from a mum-to-be, who actually asked me –

“What did you eat to get a fair baby? Even I want a fair-child.”

I couldn’t believe it! And to top it all, its A mum-to-be, who should have only been concerned about giving birth to a healthy baby was actually asking me for tips on how to get a fair baby! I have seen mums asking this question online as well, something on the lines of – “My child is dark, what should I do?”

I, then replied to the mum who asked me on similar lines as I had to all the people who approached me before – Nothing to get a fair one, but everything to get a healthy one.

So, to all the moms who have a ‘dark’ baby, all I want to say is – Love your child to the core; that’s all you need to do.

It is the genes of the parents that create the baby and his skin colour. You cannot change it using anything. And why should you? Mums shouldn’t have even a pinch of doubt on their creation. They should be thankful to God that they have a healthy and a lovely baby.

It is not on the basis of his skin-colour that your child is going to achieve things in life – that only happens in advertisements! Your child will scale peaks of achievements only through efforts taken by your child and by you. Your focus in the early days of your child should be on how well you can groom your kid, how you can teach them things like learning to share, respect others, treat everyone equal, accept failures, accept responsibilities, be courteous, be confident, and most importantly, never give up.

Children are all to be loved – dark or fair, it shouldn’t matter. That is all they need to make the world look fair to them. They are pure. There is so much of innocence in them. Childhood has no impurities, no anger, no jealousy, no religion and of course, no colour. Hence, all you need to do is just enjoy your baby’s childhood mums… these years, will never come back. Cherish them with lots of love!


Anubhuti is a working mother of a 2-year old who loves to be independent and learn new things. After completing PGDM, she worked in the corporate sector for 5 years and then changed profession to enlighten the next generation, by becoming a teacher. You can visit her blog, where she shares her journey as a mother. Also, do visit her Facebook page.

Also, I am open to guest posts. If you are interested drop a comment in the comment box below or mail me at


  1. This truly is a powerful message. And true too. Who we are is NOT skin deep. We should learn to be more grateful of what we have.

    Great to see you’re open to guest posts, sis.

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  2. This is interesting. I was a natural blonde with green eyes, although the rest of my family had black hair and brown eyes. My ex had blonde hair as a child and grey eyes.
    How I longed for a dark haired, tan, dark eyed child. All four of them had blonde hair and 3 of them had the grey eyes. Only one had my green eyes.
    So….we aren’t all looking for the fair haired, eyed and skinned children. LOL
    Of course, had I birthed a dark haired, dark eyed child…somebody would have been asking questions! 🤣

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    • And you will find it amazing that genes can express themselves as long as 10 generations ! If an Asian married an African, there are chances that their baby can resemble none of them. Maybe a past gene, which was recessive, can express itself. Science and biology is wonderful.
      And I’m so eager to see you kids and you. I personally don’t know anyone with blonde hairs and grey/green eyes !! They must be very beautiful❤

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  3. How true! Even here in Southeast Asia, there is a preference for a fairer skin. I’m on the flip side; I have really fair skin, even for a Chinese, and I’ve received my fair share of compliments on it. But it’s not something to be proud of, since it’s not something I achieved on my own. 😅

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