Respect people’s space and do not invade their privacy.

Crisis. An inevitable part of everyone’s life, but when someone is dealing with it, we take the sole responsibility of making things even worse for them. Trying to know everything about someone is foolish and unrealistic. You have got to give people the space that you would want for yourself. And it doesn’t end there. You continue to give your expertise on how all of it should have happened instead of what actually happened. And you still don’t stop, you go to the extent of using words that could be mere phrases or figure of speech for you, but for them it can be devastatingly impactful.

Firstly, understand the kind of relationship you share with the person. If you cannot say something nice, please shut up. Sounds rude, but imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. Hurts ?

Originally posted by Momina Muhteshan on Instagram.

If it doesn’t involve you, it shouldn’t concern you. And I tell this from a personal experience !

Secondly, if someone tells you about their feelings, their struggle with depression or anxiety and their thought processes, do not belittle them by brushing off the topic. Just because KARMA hasn’t hit you hard now, doesn’t mean it won’t !

Finally and most importantly, stop making assumptions. Be brave enough to ask to avoid the drama, confusion and pain that you cause to people. Only a fool opens his mouth and speculates without knowing the entire story.

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  1. This is something which is so deeprooted here in the soceity we live.its so true and we all can relate it to ourselves,i know there is nothing that we can do if someone is so persistent in getting involved in our affairs except ignoring them a lot, and it ignites something within me everytime it happens ,but your blog had soothed me.
    Keep writing like this.

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  2. I am so glad you could relate to it Shadma. I have experienced the same thing and I think it’s time people should realise the importance of space no matter who the person is, maybe a celebrity or just common people like us. Poking the nose into everyone’s matter is so cruel.


  3. Yup ! We must respect privacy of the people ! But as seen in real life , it is seen that every one is busy in asking what’s happening in the next door neighbour . In reel life may be it’s worse . Everyone interested in #Bollywood & #Hollywood ‘ news ‘ .

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