One step at a time towards the impossible.

When I ask people what do they wish to do after this, most of the time I get to hear- Let’s get through this, maybe after that I’ll decide what to do.

Why not decide what you want to achieve, and then take one step at a time towards it?

One step at a time towards the impossible. This is the theme of our collaboration for August, 2017. I read somewhere that the word impossible itself means I M POSSIBLE. Well I agree to that. Given the tremendous amount of competition we face today, we can’t let excuses rule and ruin us. This is a self reminder foremost ! I have been giving a lot of excuses to myself, trying to camouflage my malfunction in both my personal and professional life. And how has it turned out for me so far? SORE.

Firstly, success isn’t a one step destination. Success isn’t an overnight mission. It’s a journey. It’s very good to be competitive as long as you know where you are headed and how you treat people around you. Many lose track of that. Success is like snake-ladder game. There are so many risks. But the outcome is fruitful ! Success needs a lot of perseverance, sincerity and consistency. The desire to get overnight success is disastrous ! Most importantly, don’t try to overhaul your life overnight!

Secondly, if you look up a long ladder, you will start feeling lethargic already. It might seem burdensome. Similarly, when you look at how long you have to travel before you hit the right spot, you will get demoralized. And that is something you certainly don’t want if you are willing to be successful. Take one step at a time. Chalk out your plan on how to proceed. Slow progress is better than no progress. These *one step at a time* will transform into something big. JUST KEEP STEPPING !


Lastly, frustration is very common. There will be times when you are not working at all- then you need the courage to start very soon. And there will be times when you are trying but not succeeding- then you need to stay motivated and keep on trying. One step at a time! The doors are gonna close right at your face, you’ll be impatient, disheartened by getting knocked down every single time, but remember it takes strength and faith to overcome your fears and stay focused.

You have a dream, fulfil it. Some people progress rapidly. Some don’t. But as long as you are in this journey called life you have to keep on taking the baby steps. There is no quitting! If you aren’t working hard enough, start now.

Honestly speaking, I haven’t even started preparing for my exams next month. But I am starting it today. What are you waiting for ?

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  1. Great post, Tajwar! Rome wasn’t built in a day (I just mentioned this in another collaboration post and am re-using it 😛), or any one of those impressive structures like the Great Wall of China; without machinery, the people would have to build it brick by brick, and for us to achieve our dreams, it’s the same for us too. 😀
    And good luck on your exams next month! ❤️

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  2. You are truly a motivating person, Taj. I feel like I can do anything now. I’ve not been my usual active self these days. But I’m working on getting back up – one step at a time.

    Good luck with your exams.

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  3. I think it’s true that doors do close and it takes personal motivation to get us to pick ourselves up and try again. Small steps lead to big rewards, it’s about mustering up the tenacity to not give in to quitting.

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  4. Hey Taj, you’re full of surprises and you never seize to amaze me. When I was reading and commenting on all other posts, I clicked on your link but nothing comes up, so I think you’re not participating as you’re highly fixed up with studies, but am delighted to read your motivational article today. You really hit the nail on the head and this post is absolutely motivating, I love your analogy of snake and ladder, I can actually relate to this post being a motivational writer and blogger. Thanks for sharing and stay blessed.

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