Thank you- 500 Follows on WordPress – Life as we have never known it.

I was never extra ordinary. I was never a good writer. I still am not a good writer. I am an exceptionally ordinary writer who wants to pen down her thoughts, because she knows and she understands that humans are fragile and our emotions are raw. And we need someone to give us hope, no matter how bad it gets ! You have to give life a shot.

If I can, so can you. You don’t have to be a grammar Nazi to write something. You don’t always have to be creative to inspire people. Sometimes, you can share someone’s thoughts and bridge the gap between them and your readers.

Just believe in yourself. You don’t have to follow anyone. Just know that you are right. People will hate you. You can’t be friends with everyone. But let me assure you, there will be people who will make you into a better version of yourself. People who will help you evolve. And by God’s grace, I’m surrounded by so many of them. 

And most importantly, today I want to thank everyone, people who believed in me and those who never did. I’m evolving. Im growing everyday. I’m realising the importance of being an individual with independent thoughts. I’m realising the importance of criticism. I am exploring a world full of people trying to bring me down. But I know I’ll get through it. We all will. Eventually. So let’s cling to every last drop of hope that we have. 

With all my love,


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    • Thank you so much Ma’am. You have always been so supportive.
      I couldn’t be grateful enough.
      A little busy with college and I have a few ventures that I’ll be telling you all about very soon.
      I haven’t been very active on WordPress recently. So please bear with me. I’ll be back reading your amazing blogs really really soon ❤
      Happy Sunday ♡

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