After fasting for an entire month in Ramadan, here comes the most awaited day! Eid-ul-fitr ! Muslims greet each other by saying Eid Mubarak, shake hands and hug each other thrice forgetting any past bitter memories and spreading the love and essence of one’s soul to everyone around them.

6.45 am

“Wake up Guria, it’s already 10 am. The relatives will be here anytime. ” ( My nickname is Guria which means doll in hindi. Okay, now stop giggling! ) I hurriedly woke up, thanked god- it’s finally Eid, rushed to brush my sparkling white teeth *Pun Intended*, only to later find out that it’s not even 7 !

Let me tell you this is a very old trick that Indian mothers use to wake their children up !


I completed cleaning and dusting the entire house and washing all the utensils. The maid didn’t come today. Afterall, she needs to spend Eid with her Folks too ♡

It’s kind of funny how the queen bee becomes the queen maid on Eid. But you can’t revolt. Can you ? 


I had the most amazing breakfast in like 30 days ( because of the fasting from dawn to dusk in Ramadan ). Mutton stew, parantha ( chapati dipped in oil) and the Eid special sewaiyan were on the menu . We aren’t supposed to have mobile phones anywhere near the dinning table. But here is a googled picture of what sewai looks like. It is sweet vermicelli cooked with milk and garnished with dry fruits, served as a dessert.


I got all dolled up, ready to visit my relatives and friends. 


The best part about Eid apart from the food and festivities is Eidi. EIDI is an amount that elders give to their young ones, well in my case, younger ones. ( Feel the sarcasm here ) Basically, I am past the age to recieve any Eidi. Rather, I should be the one giving Eidi to the kids. But these un-ending medical studies 😄

4 pm

After extorting money from the relatives ( Eidi) and getting numerous pictures clicked, I returned home to have peas Pulao and chicken rezala. My mom cooks this amazing Rezala, of which again, I don’t have a picture. Here’s a googled picture for those who aren’t aware of their Mughal Delicacy.


After taking a long nap and dreaming about some more food, I finally woke up ! After that, me and my brother went out. The weather was beautiful. Kolkata had been burning since the last few months. The heat and humidity here is terrible. But it rained yesterday and today, which obviously, was a relief !

10 pm-

I, usually, go to my friends’ house on Eid. But this time, since my brother was around, I decided to stay home and celebrate Eid with my family. Now. The most awaited meal of the day. My favourite- Mutton biryani and firni.  I wouldn’t trade anything in this world for them. Period. 

Mutton Biryani- made of rice and meat
Firni- made of milk and rice


After dinner, my family and me, had a long productive talk about every relevant and irrelevant thing in our lives. We usually don’t have them because my brother stays in another city. My father comes back late from the clinic and he is so tired that talking to him would only add to his trouble. I have always been busy with exams, which accidently happened to be after Eid every year. But this time, everything went good. Alhumdullilaah. My brother was home, my exams were over in May and my father had taken a leave from work today.

Definitely, one of the best Eids ever. But, as Eid ended, it hit me that there was so much work to be done, so many deadlines to be met, so many duties to be attended to !

Eid Mubarak from me and my family to everyone !

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  1. Best thing about eid is ‘cousins re- union’. 😁😁😁 the feeling of a hug, it’s beyond expressions, sometimes I can see the tears of happiness in brothers’ eyes. Whatever it is guys family is family, blood is blood.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Little bit late here on WP but i guessed i already greeted you on insta. Only thing i found out is we almost have same eids in india and pakistan lol. No matter where you go Ammis are all same. Food and dresses and the same routine lol. Except for that dish will ask ami or behan to try it.


      • Yes we do have Delhi Darbaar & Biryani House. I don’t know whether they qualify for Mughal restaurants or not but the food is simply awesome. My personal favourite is Bawarchi Biryani and tangdii kebab. 😊


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