Big reveal!

When I started this blog in December last year, I was going through, what I thought, was a never ending trial. I needed motivation and so I started writing, because more than anyone else it was me who needed it the most. The love and the response that I have recieved from every single one of you is so overwhelming ! With no prior experience in writing, I started this journey as a learner and I shall always be a learner. It scares me when I realize that the world is so full of people who are again so full of potentials. It also makes me happy to have them as my WordPress family !

The Tajwar I knew 6 months ago and the Tajwar I know now are poles apart ! Trust me when I say It’s a bad day or a bad phase, and not a bad life!  

So after talking to a few close friends and my family I have decided that this blog is going to be much more than just a motivational blog. I have decided to include other areas of my interest in it, in the hope that you people are going to support me like you have always done. Let’s help each other grow. ♡



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  1. I followed you not because of what I wanted to see on your blog. But because I admire the kind of personality you are and have. So if diversifying the range of your blog means more of your awesome personality is revealed to me…. Then I’m with you ALL THE WAY.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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