Let’s talk folks !

Honestly, am really running out of ideas to post something new.😁 The heat and college life is draining me. So I guess, I’ll take some time out for myself and for you as well and read some good posts by all you amazing and talented bloggers out there. 

What you need to do ? 

Comment below and leave a link to your blog. I promise to go through each and every blog. This will also help you to promote your blog and people who will be visiting my blog can, as well, go through your blogs. Let’s socialize a little more. Tell me something about you when you post the link to your blog. ♡

Let’s talk !

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  1. Alright. So I’m seeing quite a number of likes and no comments. So I thought I’d break the ice, ok?
    I go by the name Jane but I have become preferential to Janie ever since “some people” started to call me that. I’m a teen wishing to make a difference in this world through my speech and I am working towards that goal.
    I blog at http://harmoniousjoy.com/

    Recently, I and my team have been working on a series about stress. We’ve been going about it for almost a week now and getting close to a grand finale.
    Here are my posts if you are interested:

    Now that the ice is broken. Feel free to comment, guys. And Taj, I got an idea for you maybe 😉

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  2. Hi! I’m sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. I don’t write a blog directly related to what you’re going through, but I work a lot, and travel for work A LOT, and I believe incorporating exercise, or some dedicated time for yourself helps. If you’re in to exercise/health and fitness check out my blog at http://www.thefitfrequentflyer.com

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  3. Het, Tajwar! Maybe you could write about your daily life? 😀

    Like its name suggests, my blog Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert (https://storiesofahsi.wordpress.com/) is about my experiences and random stories as a highly sensitive outgoing introvert! Also includes bits of articles I’ve read online, like a collection of article bookmarks. I hope that I will be able to help others get an “Aha!” moment just like I did when I found out I was a highly sensitive person. 😀

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    • I am regular with your blogs Nicolle. Love them ♡
      Right now. I am having a block in my brain. I’m tired. My brain needs rest. And my body too. So I am focusing on giving myself some quality time to think and rejuvenate. I’ll be back very soon.
      I hope you are having a great day ♡

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      • Glad you love my posts! No worries about taking time off to rejuvenate, do take as much time as you need; after all, I’m not going anywhere so I’ll still be here. 😛
        Hope you’re having a good rest and a great day too. ❤️

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    • Lol Sadaf. How have you been dear ?
      And yes Tajwar fatma is running out of ideas. Not just that, my brain needs rest. And Im doing pretty good with that. I’ll be back soon. And I’ll go check your blog now ♡

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  4. Hi Tajwar,

    Jagdish here from world of hindi blogging. I am software engineer but love to right in Hindi. You can find my posts on my blog ranges from Hindi Poems, Satire , Technology and Information.

    There is always chance to getting new, try to avoid copy and paste in this High time and start focusing on one topic at a point. It can be a dance, writing, Poems, review, food, Technology, education video or motivational stories to quotes. There is infinite option available in world of writing, only follow one thing that is Be Original.

    Thanks for this connecting opportunity to buddy bloggers.



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  5. Hey there! Burnouts suck, but what inspires me is just reading a whole load of good books, whether it be dystopian or classic literature. It helps!
    I’m a first year med kid and I write about the life I’ve attempted to cultivate around the stressful course. I post about various medical events I attend, random tips/advice, and do some piano covers – here’s an example where I attended an event dedicated to families who donated the bodies of their loved ones for anatomy dissections: https://thatmedkidblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/anatomy-thanksgiving-day-meeting-families-who-donated-cadavers/. Hope you feel inspired and enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

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    • Hey there med kid.
      I’m in the final year of med school. I hope you are enjoying college ♡
      And playing the piano with med schools and blogging. You are so talented!!!!!
      I’ll go straight to your blog and read some amazing posts. Have a great week buddy ♡

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      • Hi Tajwar! Wow, final year – you’re almost there, you got this. Ah gosh, thank you so much for your kind comments, any tips for a hopeful to-be second year? 😅 You have a beautiful week 🙂

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      • Tips, well, enjoy Your med life as much as you can. That’s all I would say. I wouldn’t scare you by telling there’s a lot to study because I’m pretty sure you’ll do great. ♡


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