Dedicated to someone who dedicated her life to me. Happy Mother’s Day !

So this morning I called my beautiful mother and wished her Happy Mother’s Day, and she asked me isn’t every day supposed to be mother’s day? A little later she asked me for a mother’s day present though! 😂 Mothers I tell you! A lot of people are giving gifts to their mothers and some are taking them out to places. I have decided to make her immortal by writing a little something about her.

I think this says it all about the daily sacrifices our mothers make for us.

Here are a few things about my mother and how she moulds me into something better with every passing day-1. My mom has this contagious positive attitude that can totally change your life. I can bet all my money on the fact that she can lighten up anybody’s day with her words and her actions.

2. She has taught me to respect humans irrespective of their color, religion, social status and family background. The values that I carry today are instilled by my mother.

3. She always emphasized on the importance of career for young women like me. But, she also emphasized on the importance of a healthy and happy family. She taught me the importance of love and being loved. 

4. With tired feet, aching eyes and an exhausted brain, she stayed awake with me during all my exams in high school, med school and everything in between. She cried with me when I failed. She laughed with me when I succeeded. She has been my best friend and my worst critic, always !

5. She has told me that the mantra to evolve and emerge stronger than yesterday is to be humble enough to accept your mistakes and owe upto them.

6. My faith is a gift that god has given me through my mother. She always says that it’s only god who can turn the worst defeats into glorious victories!

7. She always told me that difficult doesn’t necessarily mean impossible. She taught me to wake up and work hard while others sleep and dream about it. She has always been a hard worker  !

 8. My mother always told me that  whatever I do, will be a reflection of her as a mother. So she always focused on making me wise and smart. 

9. My mom always told me that my mind should be the most important part of me. But that doesn’t mean that my body should be neglected. She keeps telling me to be a 100 percent presentable at all times.

I’ve been a hurricane all my life. And she has been my anchor. Words will never be enough to acknowledge everything she has done for me. I know and my lil heart knows what I feel for you ! I love you and I’m so honored to be your child. I love you with my actions, and not just words. Only you could have turned a piece of flesh into a giant boss lady ! I am a better person because of you. Thank you for being a friend and a companion in the toughest years of my life.

I love you so much.

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    • It is so true ma’am. Thats how our moms do every day. They sacrifice things for us and still put on a beautiful look on their faces.
      Three cheers to every mother on this planet !
      Have a great day ahead Ma’am. And I really hope you are doing great ♡

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