It all starts with you.

You can’t put me in a cage and expect me to write a song about you. You do not have to give the responsibility of your happiness to someone else. Be brutal. Be tough. Destroy what tries to destroy you. I tell you again and again, DON’T GIVE UP. JUST DON’T. 

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10 thoughts on “It all starts with you.

  1. Yes! This is great! I was pregnant in college, and I finished! I had people tell me I would never make it too because I got pregnant at 20. I have a PhD, and I’ll be a published author soon. Wait and see. Get it!! Love this, Taj! 💪😘

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    1. Thats why I always call you a role model Ipuna. And when I say that, god knows I mean it. I have said that a 1000 times. I’m gonna say this again, If I am even half the woman as you, I’d consider my life successful ♡

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