Don’t be afraid to dream big.

My childhood is filled with memories of my parents telling me about people who achieved great things in life with little resources and no help, and how they overcame life’s hurdles and avoided the negative energy around them, and how they never gave up !

I remember, when I was little, I used to see those people making headlines ( for the good reasons obviously 😂), and I used to always ask my mother, “will I ever be on television because I did somethig big ? ” Unlike, a lot of people that I meet now who aren’t fully aware of my potentials, my mother always replied me with a YES. REPEATEDLY. CONSTANTLY. And that is, perhaps, one of the main reasons why am never afraid to dream big and tell people that one day I’m going to do it ! 

My parents never chopped my wings. My parents always believed in me. My parents always told me, if you want something and you know you are lacking vision and preparation, challenge yourself, improvise your efforts, and do it !  Just don’t stop dreaming big.

When you tell people about your (very) big dreams, a very few will believe you, the rest will laugh at you. But do not give them the advantage of demoralizing you. You shall dream big. And You shall overcome.

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  1. What a beautiful post. Dream is the mental picture of life. Once you can dream, you have the potential to act and make it reality. Thanks for sharing and stay blessed. 😉👍

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  2. I love your parents! That’s great! I believe there are many children who don’t have that positive role model in their lives to tell them to dream big! It’s sad. I’m submitting my book to three literary agents this week. I’m dreaming big. I’m been rejected a lot in the last five years, but I keep pushing forward!! The Talking Company helps a lot! ❤️​😍​☀️​

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    • Whoever I am Ipuna and whatever I will become, I shall always be indebted to my parents for that.
      You said it right, a lot of parents don’t understand that their little confidence in their child’s decisions, can be such a blessing in the long run. I just pray to god that everyone gets parents like mine and like you Ipuna. You are such an ideal person ! You are a superwoman. And if I ever become even half as good as you, that will be an honor for me. Ill feel like my life’s motive has been fulfilled♡

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      • Awe, that is so sweet about your parents. I love hearing that. Honestly, I didn’t have the greatest role models in my home, so I love hearing when other children do. Thank you on my parenting. I am a good parent. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad parents. I wrote about that in my most recent book. My point is that even if you have bad parents, you can still have a good life. You have to go get it (like I did!). You will be even better than me! I believe that! 😍​😘​ Happy studying my friend!

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  3. We really lucky to have parents who support our potentials. Perhaps it’s time we build the change that needs to seep into the minds of those parents who follow trends and not their child’s dreams!

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  4. It’s true very few believe you, many laugh at you….😷
    But majority is always good it motivates😇, so people who laugh should always be more. Rest we have our own talent to make them realise we are worth not like them who just laughs. ✌✌
    Amazing post yours☝👌🙏👍

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  5. It doesn’t take much time to your dreams become wishes and a wish is just a false hope. Work is the exit. Dream plus a strong work ethic is the recipe. By the way, I enjoyed it. Thanks. Cheers.

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  6. Thank you for writing this. You’re so right you have to dream big! I’m glad your parents taught you all that growing up, not many people get that. Cheers to you fellow dreamer.


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