Thank you ♡

Did I thank you all recently for this ? 

Yes, 500 likes on my blog !

For those who don’t know me, I am Tajwar, a final year medical student from India. I started this blog  on 28th of December, 2016. I write on life and human emotions. I am not a Grammar Nazi. I write as simple as I can so that people can relate to it. I pour my heart out when I write a blog. All my blogs are inspired from my life and I’m pretty sure that the things I write about are common for a lot of people ! 

For a person who has never written before, this isn’t just a milestone. This is memory ! Something I’ll never forget all my life! 

TODAY, 10th of April, 2017 will always be a special day, not only because of those 500likes, but because of the love and persistent support you people have shown me. 

I am so thankful to the circumstances that made me start a blog of my own. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you, for being so patient with me. I’m so thankful to everyone who liked my blogs and an even bigger THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my blogs.

I love interacting with you guys. So please feel free to leave a comment if you really really like my blogs. Who knows we might end up being best friends?

Again, in the most humble way, I am so so so so so so so so grateful to all of you. Having such amazing readers and friends is a privilege that only a few people get. And I’m glad that I’m one of them.

Grace to the almighty! 

I love you all very much. ♡


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  1. Wow! Congratulations on 500 likes. I’m surprised you have time to blog with your study schedule! Very impressive. Stopped by to thank you for the follow and wishing you great success with your blog and future career.

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    • Thank you so much Ma’am.
      Yes, it has hectic, but I can manage. All my blogs are born from my emotions. So whenever I feel there’s a particular emotion rising, I take pen and paper and write it down 😀
      I’m so grateful to all of you for being such patient readers. I really look forward to reading your amazing work and in the process, deriving immense motivation for myself. Loada of love and good luck for your blog as well ma’am.
      Have a great day ♡

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    • Thank you Manuel. I really hope to be more interactive with all of you in future and I want you all to guide me and vice versa. United we stand, divided we fall !
      I love reading your blogs and I hope you enjoy reading mine. Thanks again. Loads of love and good luck to you and your blog Manuel ♡

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      • Even I’m battling with time Manuel. I have a lot of things coming up right now. Exams, then a collaboration a few of us are working on, then this absolutely damaging heat in India, college. Im trying to be as productive as I can be. I hope you’ll also figure out your time and schedule. Good luck with your work. Much love Manuel ♡

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  2. Congratulations…. You deserve each and every like. You write from heart and each word is beautiful. Each post is as if your emotional flow. Each letter is as if you breathe out and each word is as if you exhale.

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      • You deserve each word said from me and others dear…. You deserve all the wishes and blessings…. You deserve all the congrats…. We all are complete in ourselves but at times along the journey a little motivation is all the light we need when we feel alone and lost on the path. And I on the journey have known what you are, you get and what you give is what you get….. So, you are a light and thus light is what you are blessed. Just keep smiling and keep going. 🙏

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  3. Congratulations to mark your first win. There’s lot of winning ahead, make sure to mark them too.
    I am happy for you. Just keep writing and keep winning.
    And yeah honestly speaking I read 4-5 posts on your blog, the very thing that impressed me is the simplicity in your writing. Make sure to maintain it too.

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