Lines that inspire #5

I read this moments ago on Facebook, and for a second I froze! I kept quiet. Perhaps, no other line had pierced my heart as this one. All I could think of, were moments where I misbehaved with people, the fights I had with people who mattered the most or maybe who didn’t , times I was unkind and rude to people, times I didn’t agree even when I knew I was wrong, times I was too keen on becoming a part of the crowd instead of standing out, moments that I still regret ! Moments when I was mistreated, moments I wasn’t forgiven. Moments when competition changed friendships. Moments where beauty won over love. Moments where I and people around me redefined adjectives and turned them into“subjectives”. Moments I bullied and ah, the moments I was bullied. Moments when our hatred and will to prove that we are the best, made us forget how to control words coming out from our mouths. Those words which scarred your soul, my soul, our souls! Can anyone of us travel back in time and be a little nicer? Love more? Try something new? No !

But we can start afresh !! TODAY. NOW.

Our inner conscience is our best judge. Our moral god, is our best friend and our worst critic. Can we escape it ? No. 

Can we lie, cheat and decieve the whole world ? Yes, to some extent. 

Can you lie, cheat and deceive yourself, your moral god ? No!

This was perhaps one of the biggest wake-up call for me ! And I sincerely hope we all realise our position in this infinite universe and start practicing a behaviour we would all want for ourselves.  


I really really want to apologize to every single one I have been rude to in anyway, but that’s not possible.

So I’ll begin this Sorry-chain today, now itself from those reading this blog. I’m very Sorry if I ever let you down !

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  1. Each moment a breath comes we are alive and each moment breath goes out we are dead… We never know when if the breath may never come, why wait for some other time to love self, love others, to be kind.. why not do all that is to be done to have a lovely pleasant blessed life right now.

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  2. No re baba.. you should not say sorry to me at least. You’re such a wonderful girl, Taj. Talking with you has always been nice. You’re creative. You’re multitasking. You’re talented.

    I agree all of us behave in bad way sometimes, but that’s ok. If we’re internally sorry then we can be absolutely fine outside. πŸ™‚

    PS- I don this every now and then by letting people know how much I love them by telling them they are important. 😊

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  3. Every second added into our lives is a chance to reinvent ourselves for the better. You’re right in implying that there’s nothing much we can do about the past, hurtful they must seem or otherwise. But every second or day we’re given is an opportunity to start anew; and when the time comes that said enlightenment arrives may we have the courage to push forward for the needed change.
    This post is great as it is honest. Good writing πŸ‘πŸ‘

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