Lines that inspire #4

“ Being scared is not bad, as long as the fear is not paralyzing you”. – Dr. Atanu Biswas.

It was said by one of my professors in medical school, Dr.Atanu Biswas when I was having those last moment exam-panic attacks ! The best part of being in a place like my college, where such enlightened erudite souls come together is, you come as an empty container with a lot of idiocy, dullness and mindlessness and when you leave you are so full of knowledge, thoughts, worldliness, sagacity, wisdom and savoir faire !

Like every individual on this globe, there have been a lot of ups and downs in my life. I might write blogs on optimism, fearless attitude and weirdly comforting experiences, but this is infact, the outcome of many years of disaccord and fear. Yes I was scared ! Scared to love. Scared to try. Scared to fail. Scared of being made fun of. Scared of tomorrow. Scared of the aftermath.

I have been so insecure and unsure all my life about a lot of things. If I could ever become a doctor? If I could become a better human being, so that everyone who crossed paths with me, loved the essence of my soul ? If I could please everyone who believed in the pea sized, miniscule goodness in me? If people didn’t accept the sinner, the evil in me? If they’ll leave knowing the rawness of my naked soul? If I was enough for someone ? If I should tell him that I liked him? What if he rejects me ? What if I try and I fail, just like the thousands failing everyday ? 


But what if I try hard and succeed ! But what if I study harder and become a surgeon ! But what if I improvise and become a better version of myself with every passing day ! But what if people see and recognize the goodness in me ! But what if they see the evil, the sinner in me and still choose to keep me ! But what if I was the only thing keeping someone alive, the reason behind someone’s existence ! But what if he likes me whole heartedly, but is too afraid to tell or reciprocate ! But even if he rejects me, I can live with the peace, the solace in my heart that I tried. It was the best I could do ! But what if I win ! But what if I don’t fail today ! But what if I succeed today and become a motivation tomorrow for a lost soul who is as scared, as afraid, as I was at some point in my life ! 

“What and If, two words as non threatening as words can be. But if put together, they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life”.

Don’t let your fears demoralize you. Don’t let them paralyse you. Don’t let them limit you. Don’t let them blind you. Dont let them capture you. Face them. Fearlessly. With grace. With hope. I can’t really tell anything about the outcome. But I can gurantee strength ! I can gurantee peace ! I can gurantee confidence !

Dont trust your fears, for they surely don’t know how strong you can be.

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    • I am so glad Sir that you could relate to it. And I am also glad that I could write something that many people can relate to. I can feel myself if the shoes of a lot of people because I have been there, seen it, felt my fears and faced them. It is very human !
      Share it with your friends. Many will be needing this right now !! Because in the end we are all learners in this life’s story !!
      Thanks again ♡

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      • We are human and the whole journey is to be the human being. Yes, at times we relate a lot because we think the same way and our experience and expectations are almost same thus same kind of shoes though the shoes are different always as we are all masterpiece and unique. Sharing with others helps each other to know a lesson and change our perception at times. Thus thank you again. 🙏

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      • Well the name goes by Pawan if it is okay to say that then using Sir, as I am a forever student because I learn each day from the greatest teacher, Life. 🙏


  1. I prefer directing all critical energy towards making it happen 😂 it was the only thing I could do without allowing that fear to immobilize me! But thank you for the post – it really resonated with me. Perhaps this happens because we hold in our leashes too tight and the cards too close to our heart – the fear of the unknown will always be present, but the advantages gained from learning the in-betweens will always be worth the effort.

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  2. What a great post this is. Your decision to follow my blog brought me here and I’ve seen and read some great contents. I feel great having someone like you around.

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    • Hey,
      I am so so glad that you took out time to read my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      And I’ll love to have someone like you around me too. Lots of love Dear ♡
      Do comment if you would like me to write on any topic that you want.
      Thanks again ♡

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  3. “What and If, two words as non threatening as words can be. But if put together, they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life” – I couldn’t agree more on this one 👌
    Very well-written piece! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Andrei for appreciating my work over and over again.
      This line is from a movie, Letters to Juliet. I don’t know if you are interested in Romantic movies, but I would suggest you to watch it. The locations and scenes of Europe are so beautifully captured and a very important lesson is to be learnt, love can be found at any Age ! I absolutely love that movie ♡

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