Lines that inspire #2

Work atleast 10,000 hours in an area before you can become super successful at it. – Malcolm Gladwell.

This was quoted by Barb Caffrey in a recent conversation we had, from a book by Malcolm Gladwell’s OUTLIERS. And it was very comforting. I have never been so motivated by any quote as this ! It gave me a sense of security and peace, that my efforts and my time weren’t pointless and weren’t going in vain. 

My generation is so impatient and quick tempered. We want things right here, right now. To be an expert at anything you need to have- 

1.Hardwork, because practice makes a man perfect. The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in the battle !

2.Experience. And this experience doesn’t come in a day or week. It takes months, years and sometimes, maybe a decade or even more. But the results are extremely satisfying. You’ll be unparalleled ! 

So go ahead, give life’s 10,000 hours to your dreams and become SUPER SUCCESSFUL eventually.

With all my Love and Luck.

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  1. I needed this today! Love it!!! I agree with your words. We get everything at an instant now a days, so it’s easy to become impatient for longterm goals. Keep at it, and we will achieve them. I wrote my first YA novel at the end of 2012, and it has been sooooo much work getting a literary agent and moving forward with publishing. Throwing in the towel would be much easier, but what would I gain from that? So here to pressing on 10,000 hours! ❤️ Have a wonderful day, and happy studying for you!

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  2. A dream I had to be know Thyself and am working on it as I feel I am blessed by Thee… So yes agree to your words when we give ourselves to a work with no expectations then we get what we never even imagined.

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