Love and acceptance 

​I was reading a post on instagram by Dale Partridge on how love and acceptance differ, and that is exactly why I am writing this.

I have, for long, been a slave of what people think of me and if they would accept me for something that pleased them. To be loved and to be accepted are entirely different. I always wanted to be someone, ‘everyone’ accepted and at the same time loved. There was a time when I tried to change everything about myself including my looks, my thoughts, my ambitions, my opinions, so on and so forth !

Boy! Oh,boy! I was so delighted with the fact that they loved me and accepted this new (read fake) me. But deep inside I was so hollow. I couldn’t breathe. Forsaken. Everything I said or did was in some way someone else’s voice, and not mine. My intentions were puppets of someone else’s mind. I was sharing my body with a mind I didn’t relate to. The worst realisation came when I was all by myself and I couldn’t even recognise the person I had turned into.

I had two minds. One which wanted to live free. And one, which was only living. There was so much hassle and disaccord within me for knowing the reality behind this unauthenticity. I didn’t want to be a slave anymore. But that is how this works. Doesn’t it ? 

Took me a while to understand how people strike the very basic of human intellects, their thoughts. Take control of our minds by laying a trap, and weaving venomous intentions into fairytales. We all fall for it, try to change ourselves to fit into this deceptive and complex chain of pleasing everyone.

You can not be loved and accepted at the same time by everyone. Enjoy the voice of your mind. Do what you like to do. Most importantly, do what you think is right. Be your best friend and your worst critic. People are going to judge you anyway, because that’s what they do best ! If you follow them, you’ll end up becoming a slave. Better die as a rebel, than die as a slave.

You were  never a part of the crowd. And you’ll never be. Doesn’t matter as long as you Love and Accept yourself just the way you are. Imperfections  are beautiful. Aren’t they? 

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28 thoughts on “Love and acceptance 

  1. Imperfect ppl are the most perfect ppl ! Please don’t try to please all . Some years back I read : No one is as good as white washed by his friends ! And no one so bad as painted by his enemies . Enjoy the present !

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  2. You might also enjoy Margaretha Montagu’s writings “You Are Good Enough” and “French Women’s Confidence Secrets.” Both are uplifting and confidence enhancing!

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  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love all of this! We all need time to be grounded in ourselves. I have stopped explaining myself to others as well. Some people are really jealous of you, especially if you are successful. I try to be the best person that I can be, and I try and improve on myself every day. That’s all I can do. I have to accept the people who like me for me and the haters. I choose to ignore the haters. They bring negative energy that I can’t change, but I can choose to stay away from it. I love all of your words on this post. It’s perfect. As perfect as all of us are because we are all individually perfect humans. 🙂​❤️​

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    1. I am so glad Ipuna that you liked it so much. And you speak so wisely in your comment.” I have to accept people who like me and ignore the haters” This was the best thing I have read today. Thank you so much. I guess how this works. We both get to learn from each other. I have read your blogs. AND I loved them. ♡ I look forward to read more of them ♡ keep writing !

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      1. Thank you! Keep writing too! Yes, we definitely learn from each other.

        Another note on your post, I’ve realized that you can never please everyone. We will always have haters or negative people around, but it’s up to us to not give them any of our energy. So not worth it!

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  4. Those are wonderful things you have written.. Brilliant it is..
    We need more people who live for themselves than for other.. What I would like to say to you is
    “Be you, the world will adjust”

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  5. i love this and as i got older, i realized these same things myself. i am who i am, unapologetic and know that not everyone will like me and that is okay. such is life. thanks for reading and following my words and i look forward to doing the same and reading more of yours – best ,beth

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    1. I am glad Dear Beth that you could relate to it. I read your blogs as well and I totally love them. The titles of your blog are really very catchy. And your form of writing is so beautiful. Im glad I came across your blog. I hope you continue writing like this. Love you♡


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