Reading Marathon- THE PROPHET- Part I. Joy and Sorrow.

Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Joy is sorrow unmasked. Until you feel sorrow, how will you cherish Joy? We need to acknowledge the fact that Joy and sorrow come together, while one is on board, the other one sleeps.

Sorrow can be a bully, but don’t let it pierce your heart and disgruntle your soul. Our sufferings, our sorrows, just like Life, are riddles. They do strange things and teach us lessons that joys can’t. Life gives us joys and sorrows in bits, flashes and waves so that we are not too full of ourselves and neither are we too empty. The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Without sorrow, joy would be worthless. Sorrow will scar your soul. Break your spirit. But joy, on the other hand, heals you. Sorrow is finite, but Joy is endless. Sorrow looks back, but Joy looks forward. Sorrow will give you despair and uncertainty, but Joy will give you hope and meaning. Write your sorrows on sand and your joys on stones.

Sorrow is like autumn and Joy is like the leaves on a thin branch of a tree. Autumn will sweep everything from those branches, only for new leaves to outbloom. Without Sorrow, Joy will be insignificant. So let’s  stop looking for happiness, and start looking for a meaning !

Lastly and most importantly, Sorrows and joys are like gifts. How we percieve them depends much on how we recieve them !

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