Let it go.

Sly. Disrespectful. Impolite. Hurtful. Disgusting. Greedy. Jealous. Coward. Hateful. Cheat. Abusive. Manipulative. Paranoid. Envious. Insensitive. Violent. 

When you read those words, for every word you had a picture, a person, an incident that popped up. Back then you thought this is the worst that could have happened. Didn’t you ?

We move on with time. Well, we don’t actually move on. We just learn to live with the losses. And that is very human ! You can’t sit and lament over the same thing over and over again. Can you ?

So next time when you feel victimized by how cruel life has been to you or how unjust people have been to you just remember you are strong and you will get through this.

Take a deep breath and just let it go. Don’t hold back. Don’t resent. 

Just let it go.

With loads of love and hope.

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