Loving Yourself.

There is a very thin line between loving yourself and loving only yourself. 

When you love yourself, you can spread love to everyone not because you have a plethora of the love potion, but because of the solace you have found in the fact that however flawed you are, you are and you will be the best version of yourself and only you can judge yourself. People will talk about everything you do-good or bad. There will be days when you will be at your best and there will also be days when you will be in ruins, but do not give others the advantage of affecting you. Then, you’ll  definitely lose.

As Salma Hayek said ,“ Your mistakes are your biggest opportunity. ITS BETTER TO COMMIT A MISTAKE THAN TO DO NOTHING AND LEARN NOTHING AND NOT EVOLVE. If someone makes fun of you because you made a mistake. Tell them SO WHAT, right into their faces. This will make them powerless”.

Do not let anyone mess with your mental peace. No turbulent thoughts. Your thoughts about yourself, the self worth and the self acceptance is all that matters ! I know this level of patience and self acceptance comes in after a lot of discernment. It took me more than 20 years to realise the importance of self love !

When you love ONLY yourself, you disable yourself from the capacity to feel others. That is Self-Obsession, which is perilous! You start thinking about how you have made it so far and how you will make it ahead, but ALONE. You lose compassion. 

No one can ever make you happy, until you are happy with yourself. It sets the tone of every relationship you’ll ever come into. 

Most importantly, we’ll all have something that is missing in us everytime we look into ourselves. We can never be perfect. So let’s appreciate ourselves for the things we are, instead of criticizing ourselves for the things we are not and we can never be !

I’ll tell you something that really boosted my confidence, my fortitude. One day, I took  a pen and paper and I started writing down my achievements, times when I helped people, my hobbies, things I am really good at, favourite moments, moments when people praised me…basically every great moment till now. BELIEVE ME BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER WEREN’T ENOUGH! So today if you are feeling really low, try this out. And yes, do let me know if it worked for you. WHEN YOU SEE HOW AMAZING YOU ARE, YOU’LL AUTOMATICALLY START LOVING YOURSELF A LITTLE MORE THAN YOU  USUALLY DO ♡

Go ahead. Spread the love. And don’t forget to love yourself.

With loads of love and hope.

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  1. Yes! When I learned that there was a way to have self-love and not be self-absorbed, my life became so much better. I feel like not enough people love themselves because they don’t want to be self-centered or vain. Little do they know that there is a difference and that it can be extremely freeing to love yourself!

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