We always measure the success of any relation by the time we have invested in it. 

Even if it was a one night stand or you meet someone for a few minutes and you love that feeling of being wanted, someone strikes exactly the same chord as you, someone shares the same story as you, someone relatable, someone who is not afraid to open up and you see the rawness that you reject in yourself in them, realise that it is these raw emotions that make us humans! I think that is a successful relationship by all means ! 

You can be in a relation for 10 long years and not feel anything. And you can be with someone for a day and feel everything. When it comes to matters like relations, be it any kind of a relationship, look for quality rather than aimlessly  searching for an imperfect deceptive quantity.

I have always been vocal about what I feel or think and because of that I never had a lot of people backing me. But then at the end of the day, I honestly feel that, I was successful at something we humans were created to do-COMMUNICATE.

Never  feel afraid to tell people what you feel. If you keep your feelings and thoughts inside yourself  it starts becoming a poison which is lethal not only to you but everyone around you. People might not like what you say, may not empathise, may not reciprocate. But do not let that stop you from communicating.

Open your heart. Go ahead. Communicate.

With loads of love and hope.

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