Hold on tight.

Few days back around new year’s eve, I read on social media about something I would like to share with all of you. Write a happy moment on a piece of paper at the end of each week and put it in a jar. And on new year’s eve open the jar, and look how incredibly amazing your year has been! 

As Humans, we have a habit of belittling the small pleasures in life. We measure happiness in terms of the amount of money it involves and the attention it draws. And we judge the success of our life by the number of friends we have and the trophies and certificates we have earned. 

Gossip with a loved one, laugh your lungs out, meet old friends and talk about life and how things have changed since the last time you met, a walk alone, watching the stars or looking at the sky, the horizon, the rain, or even better just read a book while it rains heavily outside, and then later, go and inhale as rain spreads its essence deep down into  the soil ! This list is endless. Fill in the blanks of time with things that you love to do.

Judging life with a single or maybe multiple failures and struggles is not only an injustice to yourself but also to every element of this universe which has contributed to your existence.We always lose hope and wait for times to be like before because they were good times. How do you judge what’s happening isn’t good for you in the longer term ? 

If there’s anything that is constant, it is time !! If God has brought you to it, he will bring you through it. Never ever lose hope. Have faith in whatever you believe because nothing in this universe is permanent- the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the giant clouds, the halos, every single particle didn’t exist independently until the massive cosmological explosion, The Big Bang ! But did it determine what was destined to be ? It was only after the explosion, that each of them had their own singular identity, rather than having known as the giant universe ! 

So if you think you are going through a bad phase or you have had a bag full of failures, don’t worry ! This is your Transition. This is your moment. This is your Break ! You have the power to heal yourself. I know that and I want you to believe me. Your Faith will turn your failure into a fertilizer !!


DO NOT doubt  your existence. The Universe is Isotropic, the energy in this universe is constant. So do your part. Keep trying. Keep spreading energy because your energy has a very important role to play. But do not give up ! Hold on tight! 

With loads of love and hope.

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